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The 7th Annual

Red Earth: The Mountain West Women’s Herbal Gathering

September 15th - 17th, 2023
13 Moons Ranch,

Carbondale, CO 

Camping and meals are included!


Our Mission

Red Earth is a sacred ceremonial container created by and for women to honor and activate our inherent life-nurturing power. We gather together to learn from and inspire each other through ceremony, workshops, deep healing and community building. By recognizing the beauty and power of what it is to be women doing our sacred work, our life’s calling, we step into our collective potential to support the great turning of our planet at this time.

*Red Earth Herbal Gathering welcomes boys from newborn through the end of their 7th year.



The intention for this year, our 7th year, is CONNECTION.  The number seven is a magical number of completion.  Every seven years all our cells are anew.  It is a time of great transition and rebirth. This is the last year in our 7 year cycle as a gathering, it is certain to be a year of deepening and clarity for us all.


We are a sisterhood of women and children devoted to our connection with the plants and to each other.  Let’s continue to co-create sacred spaces for women to gather.   Let us deepen and root into the new home of Red Earth at 13 Moons Ranch.  The women, we are gathering. The women, we are rising.  We are an unstoppable force of love and compassion, and when we gather and connect, we can move mountains.


Take a deep breath into your belly. Feel your connection to yourself, your community and the earth. Join us at Red Earth: The Mountain West Women’s Herbal gathering September 15-17th, 2023 at 13 Moons Ranch in Carbondale, CO.  


All women are welcome in this circle.


Blessed be,

Astrid Grove, Founder and Organizer

Hawthorn in Stagecoach, CO

Heart nourisher and connecter of us all



Red earth is a magical place that brings women together in community and revives rituals that are much lacking in todays society. Being in community with women and feeling supported to open up to others. Also you get to open your mind to new knowledge and new ideas. This retreat is a release, reset, revive for your own soul. Highly recommend!!

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