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Red Earth
The Mountain West
Women’s Herbal Gathering

Virtual Winter Conference
Cultivating Connection with Ourselves, Our Community and the Earth.
Saturday February 25th, 2023

Tickets on sale HERE

Please check out the incredible t-shirt and tote bags from Red Earth 2022!  We also have the Red Earth Yoni Steam Blends for sale as well!  

We welcome all women to join us for workshops, ceremony, marketplace, and much more!

*No Dogs or Animal Companions Please.


Our Mission

Red Earth is a sacred ceremonial container created by and for women to honor and activate our inherent life-nurturing power. We gather together to learn from and inspire each other through ceremony, workshops, deep healing and community building. By recognizing the beauty and power of what it is to be women doing our sacred work, our life’s calling, we step into our collective potential to support the great turning of our planet at this time.

*Red Earth Herbal Gathering welcomes boys from newborn through the end of their 7th year.


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The theme for this year is sovereignty.  To be sovereign by the dictionary definition is to possess supreme or ultimate power.  The sovereign woman does not have power over, she is power. To be powerful is to know oneself, to love oneself, and to see clearly one’s unique contribution to the web of existence.  


To be sovereign is a political act.  To live your life from your deepest truth, to follow the guidance of your womb, to act because you know what is true beyond any shadow of a doubt is powerful.  This is sovereignty. This is the wise woman way.  


When we join together in circle with women who honor their deep knowing, our ancestors rejoice. There is a reason we were all born on the planet at this time. It is time to gather together, to know our truth and to be in our personal authority.  It is time to shine brightly.


Now I ask from my deepest place of sovereignty- Are you ready to access your power in a community of like minded women? Are you ready to claim your place as your unique authentic self in this web of life? Will you join us in celebration of all of this at Red Earth this year? There is a place for you in this circle.


Astrid Grove, Founder and Organizer



Red earth is a magical place that brings women together in community and revives rituals that are much lacking in todays society. Being in community with women and feeling supported to open up to others. Also you get to open your mind to new knowledge and new ideas. This retreat is a release, reset, revive for your own soul. Highly recommend!!

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