Red Earth

The Mountain West
Women’s Herbal Gathering

Virtual Conference September 10-12, 2021

We welcome all women, including female-bodied, female-identified, trans-feminine, and queer women to join us for workshops, ceremony, marketplace and much more!


Our Mission

Red Earth is a sacred ceremonial container created by and for women to honor and activate our inherent life-nurturing power. We gather together to learn from and inspire each other through ceremony, workshops, deep healing and community building. By recognizing the beauty and power of what it is to be women doing our sacred work, our life’s calling, we step into our collective potential to support the great turning of our planet at this time.

*Red Earth Herbal Gathering welcomes boys from newborn through the end of their 7th year.



The theme for this year is boundaries. Whenever I think of boundaries, I tune into my plant ally Motherwort, Leonorus cardiaca of the Lamiaceaea family.   In the spring, her evergreen leaves sing with green and are inviting and nourishing. As she blossoms into her adulthood, her flowers are mini little dragons of delight, soft and fluffy, yet bitter and medicinal.  As she moves into her elder time in late summer, her flowers turn to spiky seed pods, they are shocking to the touch and surprising to the unbeknownst. 

Motherwort, she is loving, she nourishes heart and womb.  She is a powerful plant filled with medicine for the masses.  She is a holder of boundaries protecting her seeds so they may spread her love around as new baby plants.


When I think about Red Earth this year in 2021, I feel the presence of motherwort. I call her in to support me.   It is my role to caretake, to nurture and protect this blessed gathering.  As Red Earth’s procteress, I am creating a sacred boundary this year and again, we will not gather in person.  Again, we will stay in the comfort and safety of our own homes...not because we are scared...but because we are powerful.  We will keep illness, drama, and conflict out and invite love, connection and celebration in.


I also look around and I see motherwort  in support of each one of you.  We each have our sacred boundaries, our way of navigating the world and especially of navigating the world alongside Covid-19. 


So let us stand in our power staying true to ourselves and holding responsible and loving and compassionate boundaries.  


And so it is.


Blessed be,

Astrid Grove, Founder and Organizer of Red Earth



Red earth is a magical place that brings women together in community and revives rituals that are much lacking in todays society. Being in community with women and feeling supported to open up to others. Also you get to open your mind to new knowledge and new ideas. This retreat is a release, reset, revive for your own soul. Highly recommend!!

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