Welcome to Red Earth

We welcome all women, including female-bodied, female-identified, trans-feminine, and queer women to join us for workshops, Red Tent, local food, marketplace and much more!

Our Mission

Red Earth is a sacred ceremonial container created by and for women to honor and activate our inherent life-nurturing power. We gather together to learn from and inspire each other through ceremony, workshops, deep healing and community building. By recognizing the beauty and power of what it is to be women doing our sacred work, our life’s calling, we step into our collective potential to support the great turning of our planet at this time.

*Red Earth Herbal Gathering welcomes boys from newborn through the end of their 7th year.


We have some work opportunities to help with organization of Red Earth. Send us an email if you are interested.


Work exchange coordinator - This is a work exchange position, meaning you will receive a ticket to Red Earth 2021 for your contribution.

Marketing director - This is a paid position for an experienced marketing person.

For more information, contact Astrid at redearthherbalgathering@gmail.com


The theme for this year is branches as our reach grows. We are seeing women come from the far reaches of Colorado and New Mexico. We have women traveling from New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma. The women are feeling this beautiful and powerful energy we have all created, and they are called to gather with us.  Over the past four years, we have connected deeply and formed enduring relationships with each other and the plants. Every year that we join together on the land, we are holding sacred space for each other as we witness one another through the changes in our lives. We bear witness to the joys, the sorrows, the celebrations, the transformations.  


This is women’s community and this is sacred space.  This is our ceremony as the women of Red Earth. Together we are stronger and the women are rising.  We rise by holding each other up, supporting one another, and remembering together that we are strong and that we are here to do our sacred work.  


When I look out to this next year I see many branches extending from our community as the women of the mountain west hear our call.  We are stronger together and we are rising!

We call in the women of Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona.  


Join us for Red Earth: The 5th Annual Mountain West Women’s Herbal Gathering!


Green blessings,

Astrid Grove

Founder and Organizer


Red earth is a magical place that brings women together in community and revives rituals that are much lacking in todays society. Being in community with women and feeling supported to open up to others. Also you get to open your mind to new knowledge and new ideas. This retreat is a release, reset, revive for your own soul. Highly recommend!!

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