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Red Tent

Part the veils and step over the threshold into sacred space. The Red Tent, also known as a moonlodge, is where women gather apart from the day-to-day chores of the community to share and receive wisdom. In offering this space, we do not necessarily seek to recreate the traditions of other times/cultures, rather we seek to create space within our present reality to honor the sanctity of womon’s experience of menarche, menstruation, and menopause. All women, no matter where on their menstrual or life cycle are welcome!



Red Tent 2022

The intention for the Red Tent this year is finding the healing that comes from turning within, quieting the mind, grounding in the body and resting in acceptance and love for what is.

I will be creating and holding this space as a refuge for you. The refuge of the Red Tent welcomes you in any state. 
If you are grieving,
If you are full of rage, 
if you are depressed,
If you are exhausted, 
if you are lost,
if you are full of joy,

if you are curious,
if you are empowered, 
if you are all these things at any given moment, you are welcome just as you are. 


For unattended times- the general rule will be quiet space.

The Red Tent will be a space for you to find a refuge of unconditional love and acceptance for yourself, for your life, for the world.

-Leela Parker, Wise Woman Keeper of the Red Tent


Come dear ones…
who dance the threshold of childhood and wombmoonhood

who are beholden unto themselves.


Come dear ones…
who bleed without dying,
who feed and nourish the earth with your blood.

Come dear ones…
who feed and nourish the next generation with your power and creativity,
who hold your wise blood inside and teach peace and truth.


Come dear ones…
Honor your cycles, honor wombspace,
Join us in the Red Tent!

Leela Parker

My connection with sacred ceremony began as a child. My mother, a home-birth midwife, re-membered the spirituality of our ancestors as she raised her children. We celebrated the Wheel of the Year in the Pagan tradition, the Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross-Quarter Days. We gathered with other families in ceremony often around a fire and/or in a tipi. In circle I formed my young self.


As I became a young adult, I found my way to Deep Ecology and loving plants. I gathered a sisterhood of other young women feeling the Earth and our eco-system deep in our beings and celebrating the Wheel of the Year. One Summer Solstice I called a ritual at the off-grid community I lived at and led a ceremony in the sacred stone circle for 100+ people. Mostly our ceremonies were 4-10 people gathering regularly.


At age 21, I was called to study with wise woman herbalist and witch Susun Weed, in her live-in 3-month Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship. Here, I learned of Moon Lodge, which is a version of what many know as Red Tent.


Since that time, I have been celebrating the Wheel of the Year and Moon Lodge/Red Tent in the various places I have lived. When I moved to Colorado I re-connected with my pagan ceremony, Moon Lodge sister of nearly 20 years, Astrid Grove, and we together visioned and created the first Red Earth Herbal Gathering in 2016.


Now, at age 41, I am raising my daughter in the Pagan tradition, gathering with other families whenever we can for these celebrations. I also honor the Moon cycle and women's wisdom in ceremony each month. I am grateful to gather in ceremony with you, dear women, to ground our intentions, feel into our womb wisdom and enter into the Healing Ceremony that is Red Earth!

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