Red Tent

Part the veils and step over the threshold into sacred space (located in the tipi). The Red Tent, also known as a moonlodge, is where women gather apart from the day-to-day chores of the community to share and receive wisdom. In offering this space, we do not necessarily seek to recreate the traditions of other times/cultures, rather we seek to create space within our present reality to honor the sanctity of womon’s experience of menarche, menstruation and menopause. All women, no matter where on their menstrual or life cycle are welcome.


The Red Tent will be open all day, with some focused time during lunch, dinner and in the evening.  The space will be priestessed by experienced Red Tent keepers. 


Come dear ones…
who dance the threshold of childhood and wombmoonhood

who are beholden unto themselves.


Come dear ones…
who bleed without dying,
who feed and nourish the earth with your blood.

Come dear ones…
who feed and nourish the next generation with your power and creativity,
who hold your wise blood inside and teach peace and truth.


Come dear ones…
Honor your cycles, honor wombspace,
Join us in the Red Tent!

The Red Tent is here to hold you during inward moments, in moments where you need to rest or have a desire for connection with yourself, your womb, or your sisters in a shared quiet space.


The Red Tent is intended to be a womb for you, nourishing you in whatever way you uniquely need: into health, clarity, connection, love, power, beauty, grace, peace.


There will be times in the Red Tent where you can go in, remain, and leave without a word completely in your own inward space.


There will be times when a circle is held for you to connect with other women who have a similar interest or connect with other women in a simple talking circle of sharing our present moment heart.


We will post a schedule about times when specific events will take place, times when healing will be offered, times specifically for women only (adult) sharing, and the other times when it is simply an open space for you to go to and be with yourself or another if you both are organically drawn to connecting

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All the content within is offered for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice.

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