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Ancestor Altar

 Honoring those who have come before us...

The Ancestor Altar is the symbolic connection of all women. We are all born through a womb, nurtured by the feminine and connected by our Moon blood. When we leave our physical bodies, a part of us returns to the Great Mother. Our ancestors made the journey so that we could be born on the planet at this time, to nurture the feminine qualities the Earth needs for healing, to heal ourselves and to love the community that surrounds us. The Ancestor Altar honors our connection to the women of our past as we go forth to be the women of the future.

At Red Earth, we will co-create an altar to honor our ancestors. Please bring items for the altar for the duration of the gathering, to be brought home by you at the end of our time together.  Items may include pictures, statues, or anything that symbolizes your ancestors.

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