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The Healing Village

The Healing Village is a marketplace style area specifically designed to give and receive healing. This can range from massage therapy, reiki, crystal healings, tarot/oracle readings or any other integrative healing art you may engage with! 


After you register and get your Red Earth mug, go fill it up with some tea or infusion and find your way to the Sacred Gateway. After your emergence from the gateway, stroll or dance or skip your way to Wellness. There you will find a plethora of healing modalities. Each practitioner will have their own sign-up sheet so be sure to sign up for a few treatments and readings for the weekend! 


If you are interested in vending your sacred offerings at the healing village please apply below and be sure to click the Healing Village at Wellness option in the application. We are looking forward to hearing from you and please feel free to inquire with any questions to:

* Teachers &  Performers, please check your own application agreements.

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Laura Cascardi

Laura’s passion for herbalism, healing, and wellbeing is evident in her 20 + years of working with herbs and people.


She began her formal education with herbs at the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical studies where she graduated in 2001 as a certified herbalist. In 2013 she graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Botany. In 2014, Laura co-founded the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies where she is the director and one of the primary teachers.

Equinox Center of Herbal Studies is an herbal education center, community gathering space and herbcrafting market located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Equinox Center is an interactive space held by volunteers, students and herbalists who believe that herbalism is for everyone, and we create a welcoming environment for all those wishing to explore and experience plant medicine.

Our goal at Equinox Center is to offer a variety of opportunities to engage in herbalism that fits a large spectrum of individuals. We offer individual workshops and classes; an intensive herbal studies program; private wellness consultations; a reading nook with an herbal based library; and a walk-in apothecary with organic bulk herbs, essential oils and many other herbcrafting supplies.

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Shaela Noella will be offering a variety of intuitive readings. You can pick a card from her deck of the Imaginable, or have a Song Spirit Medicine Session where she can contact the spirit world on your behalf, with and offering of song, and then you can ask any questions. 

Along with her readings you might find some potions, flower essences, mists and more- you never know what kind of small batches of cosmic medicines will manifest for such a gathering. 


Laura Clemmons will be offering oracle/tarot readings. Come and receive the answers you seek. Let the fairies light the way and speak to your higher consciousness. Together we will seek the advice from the fairy kingdom.

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An oracle reading with Tori is a spiritual check in that maps your current energetics. The session combines intuitive wisdom with oracle guidance to reveal opportunities for clarity and unblocking your blessings. Get chakra-specific next steps, receive key symbolism + divine messages for ritual-centered self-healing.


Sweet Earth Wisdom Healing Arts

Sweet Earth Wisdom Healing Arts offers intuitive presence, massage, energy work, and trauma aware healing. 

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