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Food and Nourishment

By Jenna Barnes, Parakalo Provisions

The joyful hummingbird sipping nectar.

The purposeful bees rolling in pleasure in the pollen.

The connection of the aspen trees rooting to gather richness from the soil to rise stronger.


These are a few of the inspirations for the edible delights we will create and serve this year for the gathering of kindred spirits. Salads that are bursting with prana, having just been pulled from earth, still tasting of summer sunshine. Deeply nourishing sipping broths in the morning to shake off the cool night and awaken to a new day. Deeply nourishing soups that are like mama's around the world make to show their love. Plus some sweet + decadent surprises to balance out the meal. Rainbows of supportive herbs will dance with all of the dishes. And flowers! Always edible flowers.


We are SO excited to break bread with you and nourish this event. In these times, food as a ritual is needed. We invite you to join us: taste this land and feel the love.

Jenna Barnes

Jenna Barnes is an active travel guide, herbalist and plant-based chef. She is the creatrix of Parakalo Provisions: catering wellness retreats, curating al fresco pop-up meals, and blending herbal teas.


After working on numerous organic farms, exploring the cuisine of over 20 countries, and studying herbal medicine + wildcrafting, she weaves these supportive plants into the meals and tells the stories of culinary traditions from around the world through the vibrant food she creates.

Jenna believes that food is a ritual and that a meal is medicine. We are all part of nature, and she brings that connection and purpose to the plate and into the mug for a deeply nourishing and healing experience. 

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