Sacred Gateway

The Sacred Gateway is both the physical and spiritual representation of being honored and welcomed into the sacred space that we at Red Earth Herbal Gathering hold for women in any walk of life. It symbolizes the stepping out of our everyday life and into a special time that we dedicate to community, evolution, and growth as women. Through ritual and ceremony, we join together to let go of what no longer serves us and open the space for change, healing and reclamation. This is a safe space for you to not only enter through as you first arrive at Red Earth, but that you can continue to come back to at anytime throughout your experience. Whether you need support, relaxation, herbal remedies, a place to release, or a plant brushing, the Sacred Gateway is here to support your journey. 

Julia Lyons is an Earth-Centered Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, and Folk Herbalist. Her love for plants and the earth shines through all of her work.  Through educating and facilitating for others, it is her hope that you will gain the tools and understanding needed to navigate through life with more ease, grace, comfort, and connection than ever before.

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