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Sacred Gateway

The Sacred Gateway is a physical, spiritual and energetic portal of honor that we at Red Earth Herbal Gathering offer to support women in any walk of life inside the blessed space. It serves as a welcoming vessel for full-bodied arrival to the gathering and a preparatory space for integrating the experience. It symbolizes a purification from our everyday lives into an oasis of time dedicated to community, evolution, and growth as women.

Through ritual and ceremony, we join together to let go of what no longer serves us and open to allow change, healing and reclamation. This is a safe space for you to enter through upon first arriving at Red Earth and also return at any time throughout your experience.  Whether you need witnessing, relaxation, vibrational remedies, a place to release, or to reset with plant brushing, the Sacred Gateway is here to support your journey.


Tori Rerick, Keeper of the Sacred Gateway

Tori BIO.jpg

Tori Rerick, PharmD dispenses mindfulness, encourages self-care for self-healing and advocates for cannabis as medicine.


Her career in health and wellness spans geriatric care, clinical community pharmacy, CBD press relations and spiritual guidance.


She’s founder of the magical, self-healing platform Heart Connected Healing and creator of the highly inspired + 420-friendly deck, Follow Your Heart Oracle.


Tori believes that developing intimate wellbeing practices on the individual level is essential for the union of the collective. Her products and services are designed to guide growth-oriented beings toward routine rituals for deeper self-connection.

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