Sacred Gateway

With smudging, drumming, bells, and an opening prayer, I welcome the women and children along with all of their ancestors to step over the threshold of the Sacred Gateway to the Red Earth Women’s Herbal Gathering.   


We gather together with our ancestors and the indigenous healers of our planet in sacred honor  of the Plants.  We gather in remembrance and respect for the wisdom, knowledge, and medicine that  we each carry forward from all the women of times past.  We especially honor the native and captured women who under extreme duress kept and carried the seeds of plants and healing to pass on to us.  We honor ourselves and our children for joining in this community of love and knowledge.  Welcome to Red Earth, may we learn and thrive together. As you step over this threshold may you love yourselves and take care of yourselves, rest and refresh, as you study and participate in all the beautiful offerings ahead.  


I invite you to create a tiny space, wherever you can, to be your sacred gateway.  Throughout the weekend you may choose to go to that space for nourishment and support.  Imagine how it will be in times ahead when we gather in person and nurture each other in the sacred gateway tent.   You may want to have herbs to smudge with,  food and water,  a place to rest.  

You are welcome, cared for and adored here.   Enjoy!   


Kayla Becker has devoted her adult life to mothering her children and to women’s health, healing, and education. As a psycho spiritual bodyworker and women’s health educator she stands with open arms and a strong heart for Women gathering to bring back our ancient herbal and healing medicine. 


"This is a time of great power and joy as we carry forward, for generations to come, the beauty and power of herbal medicine. It is my honor to greet you as

you cross the threshold of the sacred gateway.”