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By Fiona Rose Photography

Fiona Nelson

Fiona is a Northern Colorado based artist and photographer. Through creative portrait photography she captures the essence of her clients' vision and tell their unique story. Fiona loves to assist in the journey of self love and capture images that tell a life story. 

Fiona Rose Photography serves heart centered, compassionate, authentic, creative beings; or those on their way. Her mission is to create sacred containers where all feel welcome, seen and held. She is committed to creating an environment where you can embrace your wholeness and embody your truth! Whether it's a soulful portrait or a candid shot, your photographs will serve as a mirror to your authentic self. She offers a variety of photography services to capture your spirit and celebrate the moment! 

Fiona is offering Goddess Mini Sessions at Red Earth this year! Whether you feel drawn to naked river portraits, candid pics with friends or intimate photos with your babes, she's got you covered. 


Photography Credits

We are so grateful to all the photographers who have captured the beautiful moments at our gathering over the years. We would like to send a heartfelt thank-you to all of our photography contributions, including but not limited to: Michelle Wilde, SarahKate Butterworth, Megan Kibling-Elizondo, Nikki Ghobrial, Fiona Nelson and all the women that sent us photos.

Photography Credits
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