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Faery Garden

Greetings children of Red Earth!

We are so thrilled for you to join us in the Faery Garden this year. Get excited for fun nature crafts, exploring the nature around you, making new friends, and being our silliest selves together. Our days are busy, so make sure to bring your favorite snacks as we will be working up quite an appetite with all the adventures we have planned!

Before attending, have your golden ticket and registration as a kid completed. Our drop off area is perfect for children ages 3 and up who are out of diapers to attend while mom is busy learning during classes and intensives.

See all of you starbeams soon! 

Medical Waiver and more details about the space coming soon!


We are excited to have the talented Nikkonia creating and overseeing this year's Faery Garden.


Nikkonia has been professionally involved with children for over two decades and has nurtured her own kids for the past 21 years.


She's a mother, godmother, auntie, aspiring Waldorf teacher, herbalist, doula, animal caretaker, green witch, energy healer, kitchen magician, and a dedicated lover of life and family. She strongly advocates for safeguarding childhood and extending its joys well into old age!

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