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Sacred Fire

Virtual Sacred Fire 2021:

Technology  can become the bridge that opens the door to the cosmos of the elemental web. Fire the universal flame of transformation and creation will be held in the physical  yet be transmitted as its light body to all who gather at RedEarth this year. Through out the gathering we will drop into the Fire and use it as a place to center and offer our hearts, ideas, and visions to be forged and refined into the world we want to be creating. 
I encourage you to light a candle at the opening of the fire and to keep it lit as a physical incarnation of fire in your hearth, heart, and womb. 
Time and space are continuous and as we gather from the many place to the one we build the dreams of future gatherings and fires.

This fire tradition has many roots with different kinds of fire. Fire is the element that changes matter through  heat and combustion. Fire expands and is associated  with yang.  Fire is what keeps us alive as a metabolic process converting food to cell fuel. Fire is the transformer and the vessel for offerings, prayers and emotions. It is light and warmth.
The fire itself is a teacher.... from cook fire to the fire of the forge. The shaping of metals, firing of clay, and the heating of lodge stones. The many moments meditating into the fire... the 1,000s of offering made to the fire.... and listening  to the fire.... fierce.... hot.... transformational fire as the great teacher.
This kind of fire is for transformation, healing, offering, joy, celebration, and the core of the magic at Red Earth Hearth. 
We set the virtual space and will together light the sacred fire for opening circle and keep  the fire going all weekend. Each of us connecting to create a web of fire hearths. Weaving our intentions....


Dr. Adhi Moonien Two Owls is a trained Shaman and healer. Her formal background is in fine art. Her area of study was painting, sculpture and eventually moving into Mixed Media. Dr. Adhi studied at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City Missouri.


Adhi received her Doctorate in Philosophy & Therapeutic Counseling From the Open University of Alternative Healing Sri Lanka in 2013 through their affiliate campus in Montreal Canada.


Other areas of study include the earth and natural sciences, Physics and Astronomy. Esoteric studies include: Tibetan Buddhism and its related meditation practices, Western Spiritual practices and the causes of Magick and Alchemy, Qi Gong and meditation and Chinese medicine, Plant Spirit medicine, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Biogeometry, Radiesthesia (vibrational dowsing), Medical Radiesthesia, and Map Dowsing for water and minerals. Dr. Adhi has spent the last 25 years studying the design, function and uses of Sacred objects as they are found all over the world. She uses these ancient sciences and designs to develop contemporary objects that meet the needs of today’s community and energy challenges.

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