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Violet Byrnes

Violet Byrnes
Greetings! My name is Violet and my biggest goal is to uplift young women through art, movement, and education. My work focuses around youth art education, performing arts, and fine art at a local arts center. When I’m not there, you can find me hitting the heavy bag at my Muay Thai gym. I’m looking forward to this opportunity and working with this lovely community of women!

Violet Byrnes will be joining us for the 2024 gathering bringing us the following nature art classes:

Cyanotype with Found Objects

Using cyanotype solution applied to any porous surface, the class would find objects to create cyanotype prints. After processing in the sun, projects would be rinsed revealing blue casts of the objects placed on the final surface.

Nature Prints - Faery Garden

A children’s class designed around foraging for the beauty in nature. Children will find leaves, stones and flowers then placing them under paper and shading the top of the paper with charcoal. They then would further decorate their images with pens, watercolors or charcoal.

The Meaning of Flowers - Faery Garden

Flowers have a deep meaning signifying different emotions. This class would focus around the meaning of flowers, what different colors of flowers make us feel, and why we give flowers as gifts. Children will then create their own bouquets from flowers they find.

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