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Samantha Zipporah

Samantha Zipporah
Samantha Zipporah is a midwife, author & educator in service to healing & liberation. Sam’s path rises from an ancient lineage of midwives, witches, & wise women​ with expertise spanning the continuum of birth, sex, & death. She is devoted to breaking the spells of oppression in reproductive & sexual health by connecting people with the innate pleasure, power, & wisdom of the body. Her praxis weaves scientific & soulful inquiry that integrate modern medicine & data with ancestral practices & epistemologies. Sam's most recent publications & offerings center the radical reclamation of contraception & abortion. Her online membership, The Fruit of Knowledge Learning Community, features access to her time, heart & mind via books, courses, Q&As, curated resources & more.

We are excited to have Samantha return for our 2024 gathering. She will teach the following classes:

The Original Win: Re-Storying Pain & the Womb Continuum - Intensive

Knowledge of the innate power of our fertile, bleeding bodies is a win, not a sin.

Let us re-story our relationship with pain & the womb continuum, & examine the biology of our beliefs.

Let us uproot the narrative that we are cursed to suffer in our basic biological functions because of Eve’s sin in the garden; untangling snarls from deep within the substrate of our cultural mythos.

This circle will challenge the normalization of pain & suffering in the matrix of our fertile sexual power. Along with helping dispel thousands of years worth of oppressive religious mythology, our conversation will provide accessible & enlightening anatomy & physiology education for preventing, soothing, & transforming pain across the womb continuum. A myriad of actionable, practical, nutritional, herbal & ancestral practices will be presented by the facilitator, as well as crowd-sourced.

After a lecture weaving mytho-poetry with anatomy, participants are invited to share personal stories of alchemizing their pain throughout the womb continuum. We will enjoy an abundant harvest of womb wisdom from our community in service to our healing & liberation.

Oxytocin & The Womb Continuum: Bleeding, Cumming, & Courting the Veil

Oxytocin is a conduit for the waxing & waning of spirit into matter.

Both a hormone & a neurotransmitter, oxytocin causes contractions throughout a myriad of life-giving expressions of arousal & release in the womb, breasts, vas deferens, clitoris, & more! This substance has a narcotic-like effect on perception of pain & cognition, while increasing behaviors of bonding, love & generosity. Sexual arousal, orgasm, menstruation, birth, miscarriage, abortion, breastfeeding & postpartum periods are all powerful opportunities to “court the veil” with the aid of oxytocin. This offering explores physical, biochemical & spiritual commonalities between various points on the womb continuum, highlighting the innate potential for healing, transcendence, & ecstasy within our intimate body ecologies.

Establishing a practical foundation of biochemistry, neurobiology, & physiology is essential to cultivating an understanding of how oxytocin affects vital processes in our sexual & reproductive lives. Participants will learn how to encourage & protect the release of oxytocin, tending to the gardens of our nervous & endocrine systems to support healing, pleasure, & transcendent states across the womb continuum.

Upon the practical foundation of physiology we will explore historical & ancestral ceremonies that encourage the release of oxytocin. Mytho-poetics, herbal allies, & embodied experiential wisdom will be woven into this rich conversation.

Mapping the Yoniverse

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word that translates as "womb," "uterus," "vagina," "vulva," "abode," or "source." All ages are invited to join this circle to learn about the physical & energetic anatomy of the “yoniverse” in all its wonder!

In this session, Samantha Zipporah will share her colored pencils, insights, & some of her favorite pages from her “Mapping the Yoniverse” coloring book. We will color diagrams of both physical & energetic anatomy of the female sexual body.

In addition to fortifying a foundational understanding of form & function, we will also explore fascinating details about biochemistry, nerve structure, evolutionary biology, & more. Samantha suggests that youths should be accompanied by an adult, like a parent or guardian, who can support further conversations about anatomy, arousal, pleasure, & reproduction with them after the session.

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