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Laura Clemmons

Laura Clemmons
Laura is a functional clinical herbalist who has been a long-time student of integrative therapies. For 23 years Laura has been practicing the art of herbalism and earth centered shamanistic healing. She comes from a strong lineage of Italian healers. She has held a professional herbal practice since 2003. Laura teaches herbal classes throughout the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, and is a presenter at the Spokane Herbal Guild. Founder and owner of Tendril Herbal Apothecary and Healing Center in Sandpoint, ID, an integrative health care clinic, Laura is blending the best of ancient wisdom and modern technology along with creating a culture for practitioners of support and community. At Tendril there is a full apothecary, PEMF, shockwave therapy, as well as a salt cave (halo therapy), hyperbaric therapy, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and a float tank. Tendril offers beginner, clinical, and, in the field, herbal classes. Women’s health in functional medicine, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, fertility, pre/post-natal health, and childhood wellness is the core of Laura’s practice. She teaches women how to embody their healing process. Her work attends to physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, recognizing that these systems are intertwined and inseparable. Laura is also active within her local and broader communities. She runs the Sandpoint Women’s Red Tent, acts as a mentor for both mothers and menarche girls in coming-of-age ceremony, works with Herbalist Without Boarders, sits on the board for the Yellow Room community center in Sandpoint, as well as regularly donates to and supports other non-profit organizations.

We warmly welcome Laura Clemmons back to Red Earth: The Mountain West Women's Herbal Gathering. This year Laura will be leading a Kava Ceremony during the gathering and teaching these classes at the gathering:

Treating Cancer as an Herbalist

Empower yourself with knowledge based on Herbal Approaches to Cancer Treatment led by Laura Clemmons. This informative session provides insights into complementary herbal strategies to support individuals dealing with cancer. Learn about specific herbs, formulations, and holistic practices from Laura’s clinic aimed at enhancing well-being and managing side effects. It’s time to understand and integrate herbal approaches as a valuable complement to conventional cancer care.

Deepening Plant Connections and Exploring the Realm of Plant Spirit Medicine

There is an art to learning medicine directly from the plants, to becoming so intimately entwined with them that we can merely hold a plant in the heart and transmit its healing energy into others. These secret teachings are becoming increasingly rare, so don’t miss this opportunity as Laura Clemmons guides you through the profound practice of Plant Spirit Medicine. Immerse yourself in the art of sitting with plants, attuning to their wisdom and listening deeply to their healing messages. This class offers an opportunity to enhance your intuitive voice through a deeper communion with plant wisdom.

Lavender Sachet Workshop - Faery Garden

Let’s make Lavender Sachets! A fun hands-on experience for children! Kids will pick, fill, and decorate their own sachets with fragrant lavender flowers, and in the process they will be introduced and taught about the calming world of aromatherapy.

Nature Bracelet Workshop - Faery Garden

In this hands-on kids workshop we will make nature bracelets using dried flowers, leaves and other things we find in camp!

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