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Kayla Becker

Kayla Becker
I am delighted to return to Red Earth this year as the co-director with Hazel Grove of the magical Girls Grove and as a teacher of "Where is my Uterus". I live on 18 nourishing acres in rural Vermont with my husband Ray. I am an abdominal therapist and educator with the Abdominal Therapy Collective and have been in private practice since 1985. I just received my Master's degree in Somatic and Spiritual Psychology and now working on a doctorate. I teach alternative health classes at my local High school and currently teaching a class in Reproductive Justice. I am so excited to share with girls the wonderment and gifts of being born with a uterus.

Kayla will be returning to Red Earth to teach and coordinate the Girls Grove. She will teach the following classes:

Where Is My Uterus? Part 1 - Girls Grove

We will learn about the magic of the uterus and how she is suspended in the pelvis by a network of ligaments. This is part 1 for girls who have not been in this class previously.

Where Is My Uterus? Part 2 - Girls Grove

We will explore the magic and wonder of the anatomy of the uterus, ligaments, and ovaries and the physiology of menstruation. Ages 12-16

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