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EagleSong Gardener

EagleSong Gardener
EagleSong dances her mischief in the hedge, that luminous place between tended and wild. A lifelong gardener, she has designed, managed and tended high visibility kitchen gardens and farms, commercial gardens, herb gardens & nurseries, and has trained in Healing & Therapeutic garden design. Often called a hawthorn whisperer, she has been researching hawthorns for over 30 years and has traveled to 6 countries pursuing an understanding of  "what they're good for". EagleSong is known for her wit and kitchen table wisdom and her incessant need to go outside and play! Today, she enjoys teaching herbs from the ground up wherever she is called. You can find her at 

We are delighted to have EagleSong join us again this year. She gave a marvelous keynote at least year's gathering. This year EagleSong will teach the following classes:

Why Wait 'til You're Sick?...An Herbal Practice for the Spirited Woman

This is a comprehensive look at the wise woman tradition as a practice for living life with strong earth medicine. By cultivating your inner community and engaging the community around you, the practice of rooting into place grounds you. What do terms like nourish and tonify mean? How do you engage plant allies to strengthen all of who you are? How do you make sense out of all the herbal & health information available today? What does chronic well-being look like to you? In this lively, interactive workshop you'll get answers! And, of course...more questions. See you there!

Cooling Fire: Meeting Inflammation Head-On with 3 Remarkable Trees

Willow, Linden and Cottonwood are wise to fire. Learning how and where they grow will help you become wise in meeting inflammation head-on in your body and life. Trees are remarkable habitat bio-engineers. Your body is a complex habitat that you can tend for personal well-being. Using compounds these trees make for creating health and wholeness wherever they grow, connects you with earth. Bio-flavonoid rich, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, immune enhancing, easily accessible and easily transformed into simple effective remedies, these 3 trees are plant allies to cultivate, know and use. You will learn to make & use 3 simple, effective herbal preparations from these trees. 

Crafting a Hawthorn Amulet

Hawthorn has gained a strong foothold in modern herbalism as an herb for the heart. Join herbalist and hawthorn whisperer, EagleSong Gardener, for a mythic journey with the world traveler, hawthorn. A tree that can strengthen the heart and immune system, improve circulation, regulate blood pressure and so much more! It takes courage to be a human being find out how hawthorn can help and an ally to live with! This is an experiential workshop. You’ll be invited to meet hawthorn through your senses. Guaranteed to be simple, messy, and fun!

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