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Bridget Giuffrida

Bridget Giuffrida
I am a Mother, Herbalist, Teacher and I have begun a new journey taking people on international plant adventure tours. I love to travel, garden, cook, help others and laugh. I am the proprietress of Sweet Herb Medicinals specializing in herbs for well being and lactation support.

We are honored to have Bridget join us this year! She will be teaching the following classes at the gathering:

Kitchen Cosmetics

A quick field trip to the garden or the market or by simply taking inventory of your very own kitchen, you can create fantastic skincare products for healthy, glowing skin.

Flower Essence Healing

Description to come

Making Dream Pillows - Faery Garden

Make and take a special dream pillow customized with your very own selected fragrant flowers. Touch and smell the flowers that are called to you and combine them with brown rice to ease restlessness and calm the senses. Together we will chat about the healing qualities of a handful of flowering plants and how they can help with sleep time.

Making Macaroni Necklaces - Faery Garden

We pasta-tively love this craft! Making macaroni necklaces is a great activity for kids of all ages. If you are a busy parent—having your child make these while you prepare your own pasta dinner is a good use of time and allows for family bonding in the kitchen.

For young kids, making pasta necklaces is an excellent way to build up fine motor skills by practicing threading. Even older kids can enjoy making macaroni necklaces by experimenting with tying the pasta to the string, or incorporating “friendship bracelet” knots and patterns.

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