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BethyLoveLight Forever

BethyLoveLight Forever
BethyLoveLight is StarRocker who offers a tantalizing mix of magical music including Eco-Herbal Hip Hop, Psychedelic & Spiritual DownTempo and some straight-up Rock! She covers all kinds of subjects including edible wild weeds, herbs, plants, freedom from within, community, cannabis, radiant health and so much more! Mz. LoveLight is an angelic avatar who utilizes the sacred sound system and the microphone to transmit Truth to the people. If you’re into the feeling of UNITY, then BethyLoveLight’s music is sure to take you higher!

BethyLovelight will be rocking this year's gathering with her Eco-Herbal HipHop & Psychedelic DownTempo Music and will be helping the stars align with sound throughout the gathering. She will also be teaching the following kids class:

The Missing Magickal Energy - Faery Garden

A kids play about how to help the planet by Brigitte Mars, followed by songs and stories with BethyLoveLight.

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