Wellness Tent

Virtual Wellness 2021:


Health comes from within. Our practices, habits and spiritual and emotional health are all tied into our vibrance. Often, our journey is unescorted, though, when guided by healers who can witness and affirm our needs, our success is able to shift to true, lifelasting abundance. 

Join clinical herbalists Laura Cascardi and Jessica Baker for a live wellness experience. Our offering is to create a space for healing on all levels- physical, spiritual and emotional. We will be contributing simple rituals and recipes to increase your overall personal power as well as offering donation based virtual live consultations for those desiring an in depth look at their health. Allow us to peacefully, joyously, naturally and herbally guide you to your greater vibrance and deep inner health. 

Questions? Comments? Contact us at: wellnessredearth@gmail.com


Now is the time to delve deeper into your healing with guidance and grace! This weekend, create sacred self-care by signing up with one of the Clinical Herbalists in training for a one on one, free mini-consultation. Our herbalists are equipped to work with a wide variety of health concerns and will offer dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations. They will assist each of you on your healing journey by engaging with your personal wellness by creating a dialogue based on your health desires. Allow these lovely budding clinicians to generate a natural, gentle and effective path to a healthier self. 

Jessica Baker is an acupuncturist, herbalist and cannabis farmer. Her passion for all medicinal plants is reflected in her formulations, private practice and classes on cannabis, herbalism, aromatherapy and Chinese medicine. Jessica teaches at The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and at various herbal symposiums. Having many years experience as a clinician, Jessica is an experienced formulator, understanding the importance of plant synergy and energetics. 


You can reach Jessica at jessica@bakersbrands.com or through her website www.bakerbotanica.com or www.bakersmedical.com 

Jess Baker
Laura Cascardi

Laura’s passion for herbalism, healing, and well-being is evident in her 20 + years of working with herbs and people. She began her formal education with herbs at the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical studies where she graduated in 2001 as a certified herbalist. In 2013 she graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Botany. In 2014, Laura co-founded the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies where she is the director and one of the primary teachers. In private consultations she works one on one to discover tools for personal wellness that best serve each person. She focuses on creating a safe space where the individual can explore spiritual, emotional and physical growth.

Laura loves coupling her herbal knowledge with her botanical expertise, and as a long-time resident of the Front Range, she is extremely familiar with local flora and often hosts herb walks focusing on edible and medicinal uses of local plants. Furthermore, she often offers more intensive botany workshops and private plant identification consultations to teach others how to deepen their knowledge of the plants.