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Marketplace Vendor Agreement

Dear women,

Thank you for your interest in vending at Red Earth Herbal Gathering, September 9tjh-11th, 2022 at Parrish Ranch in Berthoud, Colorado.

Red Earth is a wonderful place to vend your wares.  Vending is a great way to get your product and your teachings out into the community, and a lovely way to meet people. There are a LOT of herbal medicine makers usually in the marketplace so we encourage you to diversify this year with unique crafts, value added products, artwork, clothing, books, etc. to get the most out of your Marketplace booth.

Vending at Red Earth has always been an exclusive opportunity for teachers and sponsors.  This year we are opening the Marketplace to all attendees! Marketplace booths for attendees are $150 (teachers and sponsors please see your agreements).  In addition we will have two Marketplace opportunities: Marketplace and Wellness Marketplace.  All healing arts will take place in the Wellness Marketplace which will be adjacent to Wellness!

Note: You must purchase a ticket to the event and pay the booth fee in order to have a marketplace booth!

Please submit you $150 booth fee using the PayPal button. The rest of your materials will be processed after we confirm payment.

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