Red Earth Teacher Series

All genders are welcome to join past Red Earth teachers for some classes throughout 2020. Part of our vision as a gathering is to continue to bring community together and to share knowledge and wisdom in a sacred way.

If you are a past teacher and interested in teaching a class as part of the series, let us know! Send us an email at

Sacred Drum Making

Dr. Adhi Two Owls

Date:  Saturday May 9th, 2020 & May 10th

Time:  10:00 am-5:00 pm

Place:  Peaceful Meadow Retreat, Boulder

Cost:  Tuition for this workshop is $250 which includes all the materials to make your drum and other workshop related materials. 

THIS WORKSHOP is May 9th from 9-5 and May 10th from 9-5! It is NOT overnight and no lodging is provided.


All Genders Welcome! Also a part of the fundraiser Red Earth Teacher Series.

Participants will create from start to finish a 14" to 16" drum from either elk, deer or horse depending on what is available at the time of the workshop.

The drum is one of the oldest instruments. It is found in many forms and shapes all over the earth. The drum is the heart beat of every culture and society. The drum can be used for making music, healing and connecting to the deeper rhythms of the cosmos. Drums are the sound shamans use to journey in and out of the dream time... the first sound we all heard arriving in on this planet is the heart beat of our Mothers in ureteral. That heart beat is birthed in every drum that is made. Some cultures believe a drum is a skin stretched over a frame sounding the rhythms of the universe.... they also believe a human is the same: a skin stretch over a frame and our heart beats the sounds of the universe.

In this two day workshop we will gather to make frame drums. This form of drum has been played by women and men for centuries. It is the drum that is used in ceremony to sing sacred songs, the drum that fires the dance... and awakens connections to the plant and animal worlds.

One the first day we will bless the hides, paint and draw on our frames and journey to connect to the spirit of our drum. On the second day we will pull our drums and they will dry. While they are drying participants will journey and then we will come together with our new drums to awaken them in ceremony.

What to bring:

  • Scissors,

  • towel or blanket to work on,

  • a stick from some place special to use in making your drum mallet,

  • any intentions, prayers and such to put on your frame


Tuition for this workshop is $250 which includes all the materials to make your drum and other workshop related materials.

(Adhi ethically acquires her hides from reputable sources and small tanneries. She does her best to support fair trade and cottage industries to resources her materials for creating sacred items.)

Cultivating Green Blessings

A weekend with Susun Weed

BOOK SIGNING - Abundantly Well by Susun Weed

Date:  Thursday June 4th, 2020

Time:  7:30 pm

Place:  Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl Street

Cost: $5 (Please register through Boulder Book Store)


Date:  Saturday June 6th, 2020

Time:  10:00 am-4:00 pm with potluck lunch

Place:  Peaceful Meadow Retreat, Boulder

Cost:  $100 at the door, $85 preregistration

Please join me for a day of honoring the Ancient Ones, our plant grandmothers. We will begin with talking stick, where I will listen closely – with my mind and my heart – to your desires and needs. From this cauldron, I will brew a unique day of discussion, experiences, and teaching. Herbal medicine is people’s medicine. Nourishing herbal infusions improve health fast.


Date:   Sunday June 7th, 2020

Time:  10:00-4:00 with a potluck lunch

Place:  Peaceful Meadow Retreat (room name?)

Cost: $100 at the door; $85 preregistration

Please join me for a day devoted to healing through nourishing. We will begin with talking stick, where I will learn what I need to create the flow of our time together. We’ll explore integrated medicine, share stories and songs, hopes and griefs, and deepen our understanding of the journey to being abundantly well.

Spiritual Spa Party

Lori Roop & Julia Lyons

Date:  Sat. August 15th, 2020

Time:  2:00-4:00 pm

Place:  Peaceful Meadow Retreat, Boulder

Cost:  $25 per person, of which 100% will be donated directly to Red Earth.  Come support Red Earth while treating your soul and skin!

Get your glow on to support Red Earth!  Join Lori Roop and Julia Lyons to feed your soul and nourish your facial skin – in our Spiritual Spa Sanctuary. 

To begin, we’ll sit with sacred anointing oils, set our intentions and ground with aromatic herbs.  During the self-applied facial we will cleanse, tone, exfoliate, steam and moisturize with Lori's Vital Roots skincare.  To finish, we’ll spritz our souls and our skin with pure botanical hydrosols. 

Throughout the experience, Julia Lyons will be holding sacred space for the group to facilitate relaxation, connection, and healing. Working with her drum, the sacred copal, and spirit, we will experience healing on a group and individual level.

We’ll also support our bodies with Lori’s nourishing and delectable herbal teas like her “Inside Out” Tea and “Dragon Juice.” Additionally, enjoy some appetizing nuts and organic chocolate as we finish soothing our skin and soul in our Spiritual Spa Sanctuary. 

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