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Photo by lilartsy from Pexels

The Tea Lounge

Come enliven your senses and nourish your body and soul with herbal infusions, and herb-enhanced true teas at our Tea Lounge. This space is tended with nourishment and self-care in mind. 

Throughout the day, we will provide you with delightful beverages to keep your body nourished, centered, and nurtured. Each morning we will have warm herbal infusions, tisanes, and true tea. Throughout the day these infusions, tisanes, and teas will be replenished for your enjoyment and nourishment.

Our herbal tisanes are formulated specifically for Red Earth each year, and are blended with our 2023 theme of Connection in mind. The teas are mindfully formulated to be safe and gentle for women in all stages of life. These are handmade with love and intention by Amanda Rose, of Artemisia and Rose, and kept stocked throughout the day and evening by our amazing Tea Lounge space holders. 

The Tea Lounge can also be a relaxing place to sit back and relax in the shade, while connecting with other women, and hydrating and nourishing your body, and soul. We have cozy blankets, pillows, and chairs, along with books, tarot, and other decks to work with while you are sitting and connecting with yourself, and others.  Bring your 2023 Red Earth mug and enjoy our teas of the day!

Amanda Klenner-Labrow

Amanda is a mother, permaculturalist, and clinical herbalist who has been practicing herbalism for 15 years, while also working as a healthcare worker in schools. She is currently focused on developing bio-regional permaculture gardens in urban and suburban spaces, to help people produce their own food and medicine. She enjoys helping people discover their own power in caring for themselves, and their families, while also supporting our communities with extra produce and plant medicines. She also sees clients as a clinical herbalist, focusing on people who have uteruses and ovaries, and people who suffer from chronic pain. She enjoys pottery, gardening, hydroponics, and growing things, along with making herbal tisanes, salves, lotions, and potions. 

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