*Schedule is tentative and subject to change


September 10

1:00-1:30 Opening Circle, Sacred Gateway, Sacred Fire

1:30-1:45 Introduction to Wellness 

1:45-2:00 Introduction to Marketplace

2:00-3:30 Susun Weed- Abundantly Well the Wise Woman Way


3:00-6:00 Live Wellness Consultations (schedule your time in advance)


3:30-3:45 Marketplace Spotlight


3:45-5:15 - Workshop Session 1

1. Adhi Two Owls- Magical Bundles and Offerings

2. Lori Roop - Micro-dosing Psilocybin with Chronic Illness: Finding the Sacred in Normality

3. Alie Rich- Herb Harvesting: Crafting an Herb Drying Rack and Creating Fall Root Medicine 

4. Lorene Wapotich- Girl’s Grove Sister Circle 


3:45-4:15 Kids Class- Taylor Martin- Dream Catcher Creation


5:15-6:15 Marketplace Spotlight and Dinner


6:15-7:45 - Workshop Session 2

1. EagleSong Gardener- Crataegus: a generative genius

2. Laura Cascardi- Medicinal and Edible Plant and Tree Herb Walk (pre-recorded)

3. Jessica Baker- Cannabis Aromatics

4. Briana Wiles- A Journey Into Aromatics: Harvesting Herbs


6:15-6:45 Kids Class-Julie James- Self Assessment


7:45-8:00- Marketplace Spotlight


8:00-9:30 Red Tent with Leela Parker


9:30-9:45 Marketplace Spotlight


9:45-10:45 Performance with Ariana Saraha

September 11

8:00 Qi Gong: Roots and Branches with Jessica Baker


9:00-10:00 Marketplace Spotlight and Breakfast


9:00-12:00 Live Wellness Consultations (schedule your time in advance)


10:00-11:30 - Workshop Session 1

1. Lisa Ganora--Organoleptic Herb Walk- pre-recorded

2. Briana Wiles-A Journey into Aromatics: Distillation Process

3. Lorene Wapotich- Moontime:Celebrating Your Cycle (for girls 10 and up, mothers, aunties, and grandmothers too)

4. Adhi Two Owls- Shamanic Techniques for Plant Medicines


10:00-10:30 Kids Class: Megan Crosby- Storytime!


10:00-11:00 Grief Circle with Willow Meili


11:45-1:15 - Workshop Session 2

1. INTENSIVE: Lori Roop- Introduction to Alcohol Extractions (aka Tinctures) by Maceration part one

2. Mary Rose- Percussion Jam Adult

3. Jamie Della- Motherwort and Magick


11:45-12:15  Kids class- Brigitte Mars- Stories, Legends, Lore


1:15-2:00   Marketplace Spotlight and Lunch


2:00-3:30 - Workshop Session 3

1. INTENSIVE: Lori Roop- Introduction to Alcohol Extractions (aka Tinctures) by Maceration part two

2. Rachael Carlevale--Green Tent Cannabis Ceremony

3. EagleSong Gardener- Hands-on Hawthorne medicine making


2:00-2:30  Kids Class- Alie Rich- DIY Honey Watercolor Paints and Hardbound Nature Art Journal


3:00-4:00 Grief Circle with Willow Meili


3:30-3:45 Marketplace Spotlight


3:30-6:30 Live Wellness Consultations (schedule your time in advance)


3:45-5:15 Womb Room Yoni Steam with Sabrina Vedete- Unlock the Magic of the Womb


5:15-6:15  Marketplace Spotlight and Dinner

6:15-7:15  Raffle with Arwen our Marketplace Coordinator

7:15-8:15  Performance by Bethy Love Light

8:30-10:00  Performance by Ley Line

September 12

8:00-9:00 Morning Yoga with Erin Lester


9:00-10:00  Marketplace Spotlight and Breakfast


10:00-11:30 - Workshop Session 1

1  Laura Cascardi- Our Love for the Weeds!: An Interactive Weed Identification Class

2 Laura Clemmons-- How To Build An Herbal Formula (intermediate)

3  Phylleri Ball - Gathering Together as Crones to share our Wise Woman Stories


10:00-10:30 Kids Class-Mary Rose Percussion


11:30-3:00 Live Wellness Consultations (schedule your time in advance)


11:45-12:30 Marketplace Spotlight and Lunch


1:15-2:45 - Workshop session 2

1. Adhi Two Owls- Plants and Magical Tools

2. Brigitte Mars- Djedi Survival Skills on a Perilous Planet

3. Julie James- Turning of The Tide: Nourishment & Empowerment, and the Cycle of Menopause

1:15-1:45 Kids Class: Sip and Story with Erin Lester


3:00-4:30 Women’s Initiation Ceremony