For girls and young women 11-15 years old

Workshops for young women are held at the same time as all other workshops (see the schedule). 

Go to the registration page to register.  Girls tickets are $125, all inclusive (all meals, teas, workshops, ceremony and a special surprise gift). 

Red Earth is a great place for deepening friendships and making new ones with awesome girls! This is an invitation to let your sillies out, learn some new things, and be real with other girls through playing fun games, making cool crafts, and sharing our stories.



We’ll start with getting to know each other by playing nature-based games and exploring the farm. Along the way we’ll find and gather plants for making sun teas, natural remedies, and our own beauty care products. We’ll also learn some new crafts and meet some amazing women who will guide us through movement, meditations and more.



As our sense of community grows we may find ourselves talking about the joys and challenges of being a girl -  friendship, crushes, strong feelings, our changing bodies, and getting our periods. We’ll talk about the moon and “moontime,” exploring how she mirrors the changes we experience throughout our life and within each menstrual cycle.



Whether you’ve started bleeding or not, this is an opportunity to ask questions, wonder, dream and celebrate the gifts that come as you move towards womanhood. Our time together will include preparation for an optional Maidenhood Celebration, for girls who have already gotten their periods, that will take place on Sunday with the whole Red Earth community.

Lorene Wapotich

Lorene is the Founder and Executive Director of Feet on the Earth Programs. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Her Feet on the Earth: Creating Nature-based Rites of Passage for Girls, which shares the model she developed for using long-term, nature-based mentoring and community-supported wilderness rites of passage to enhance positive identity formation, connection to authentic self, and the development of resilience in pre-adolescent and adolescent girls.

Lorene holds a Bachelors Degree in Wilderness Leadership and Natural History Education and a Masters in Education. She has 20 years experience as a wilderness guide, naturalist, educator/mentor, and herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition. She has extensive experience designing and leading a wide range of nature-based programs, including rites of passage. Lorene is a dynamic teacher who is passionate about connecting people with nature and their inner power and wisdom.

Lorene will also have a team of inspiring women (TBA) tending to the girls with her.

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