Assessing the Yoniverse 

Sacred Bodywork to Heal and Support the Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy and After Birth.

Pre-Conference Workshop With Leslie Stager

Boulder, CO September 12&13

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Open to any professionals interested in learning external and internal massage techniques to address  perinatal pelvic pain or dysfunction related to pregnancy, birth, trauma, scars, poor posture.

Women in all stages of life suffer from pelvic issues that impact self-esteem, relationships,  birthing, and general health. Midwives can offer internal assessment and  pelvic treatment protocols during pregnancy and sometimes in postpartum that can help reduce scar tissue, adhesions, pelvic tension, pelvic pain, and other common complaints. Internal and external pelvic work can help baby to reposition more optimally, relieve ongoing pain during pregnancy or labor. Become  more familiar with reading the tone and function of the pelvic floor muscles, know when to refer, and determine whether kegels is really the right solution for postnatal problems! 


9:00 AM-4:00 PM  

Class is primarily hands-on bodywork. You will practice the following:

  • Gain proprioceptive pelvic awareness—and increase the effectiveness of your touch. 

  • Assess joint/bone mobility—The pelvis and legs need a certain mobility to allow baby to descend readily into the pelvis. Using myofascial release, contract-relax techniques, postural awareness, we’ll find the natural fluidity. 

  • Rebalance sacrum/SI joints—90% of pregnant/postpartum mamas back pain is related to SI joint imbalance. Learn effective ways to rebalance!

  • Abdominal/Diaphragm Release: Increasing the breath at the diaphragm increases ease throughout the body.

  • Scar Tissue Release: Scar tissue & Adhesions affect fetal positioning, impede descent of baby, cause pain, and restrict pelvic expansion, and cause pain and numbness during the postpartum. Learn release techniques.

  • Effectively Assess Diastasis Recti: What’s the best way to assess, and what do you do about it? Explore some options. 

  • Align Uterus, Relieve Round Ligament pain: Myofascial release can ease restrictions, alleviate round ligament pain, and help with baby positioning. 

  • Cesarean Recovery Support Techniques: Post-cesarean scar tissue release, closing the bones, and other techniques can help clients feel Re-Membered and offer healing for both midwife and client. 


9:00 AM-4:00 PM 

Class is primarily hands-on Internal bodywork. You will learn & practice the following:

  • What’s in that yoniverse?: Know what you are feeling with detailed internal palpation of pelvic muscles, ligaments, bones

  • Is it still working down there? Assessing the pelvic floor muscles for tone, responsiveness, tension, trauma. 

  • Slow Presence: Listening to the story of the yoni-verse using basic muscle treatments with myofascial release, trigger points, breath. 

  • Do Kegels work? Only if done correctly and effectively, and only if necessary! Learn how it should feel, ways to guide effective contractions, and how to release chronic tension or mooshyness in the muscles that cause postpartum pain, incontinence, and discomfort. 

  • Entering the Yoniverse During Birthing: What are effective internal massage techniques during birth and When is it appropriate to use them?

  • Referrals: Know when to send your clients on for further follow up care. 

Leslie Stager has been involved with women’s health since 1978 when her friends got speculums and they gathered together to look at each other’s cervix. In those days they created moon lodges, womb rooms, and broke through loud silence about femininity, sexuality, and women’s rites. Personal challenges with moontime cramps, fibroids, and a back injury inspired her studies with master herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, and set her on a path of healing. After living alone in the woods for years, tracking animals, wildcrafting plants, listening to earth-rhythms, and training as a rites of passage guide, she became a labor & delivery nurse and massage therapist specialized with prenatal and postnatal clients. Leslie now has a private practice focused on women’s life-cycles from menstruation to menopause. She has studied pelvic bodywork with Rosita Arivigo, Tami Kent, and other pelvic gurus, and teaches bodywork for women’s health around the country, focused on pregnancy, bellies, womb, breasts, and the amazing internal pelvic Yoniverse!

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