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Ley Line

Four voices coalesce, rooted in rhythm. Raised on the North American traditions of blues, folk, and soul and inspired by their world travels, the four women of Ley Line transcend genres and languages. Ley Line creates a global soundscape; blending influences from Brazil, Latin America and West Africa. Dynamic harmonies run like a current through textures of stand up bass, guitar, ukulele and world percussion. With strong ties to world folklore traditions, Ley Line’s multilingual compositions evoke the beauty of the human experience through our connection to nature and each other. Check out their website at



BethyLoveLight is a Conscious Hip Hop artist who offers Anthems for Avatars including songs like 'HEMP HOLY HEMP', 'NETTLE MEDICINE' and 'STRONGER TOGETHER'.  Her mission is to help awaken and inspire the Peaceful Warriors of Planet Earth to journey forth and continue creating a kind, sustainable and evolutive world. You can find this Avatar on SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Jango Radio, and at  and


Ariana Saraha

A stark, starlit night.
Evergreen boughs paint the sky.
Sound of raven wings.

Weaving spells from the very fibers of life – starlight, storm and stone – Ariana Saraha incants the songs and paints the rhythms of the unheard earth and the forgotten ancients. With influences as varied as Mideast song and percussion, Classical Indian raga, and Peruvian icaros, what really invites the listener in is her rare mixture of raw wildness and heartfelt intimacy. Ariana can be found performing around the world, all the while wildcrafting and making friends with birds along her way...


Check out her and her band's website: