Radha will be cooking up amazing Ayurvedic meals, treats and teas for us during the conference. Bring your own plate/bowl, mug and eating utensils, as this is a zero-waste event.


Radha Schwaller is a Certified Ayurvedic Educator and Practitioner with a passion for local, consciously-made food using principles from Ayurveda.  Her website is www.blisslachemy.net





The menu will look something like this (subject to change according to Divine Whim, Inspiration, and Sensibility): 

Meals and teas are farm-to-table from Pachamama (where possible).

Vegan options will be available at each meal.

This is a zero waste event, so please bring your eating utensils, plate and/or bowl.


Saturday, August 19th  

Daily Tea

Earl Grey

Green Tea

Nettle Infusion

Red Earth Women’s Bliss - motherwort, peppermint, tulsi




Pachamama Salad - rainbow roots, lettuces, lemon cucumber

with goddess ginger honey mustard or Pachamama herb vinaigrette


Zucchini Pakora - chickpea flour, ajwain seeds, cilantro sour cream


Fennel Slaw - sprouted mung beans, roasted sunflower seeds, strawberry daikon



Afternoon Snack:

Bliss Balls - chocolate, tulsi, ashwagandha



Kitchari - split mung dal, coriander, turmeric

Dehraduni Basmati Rice - saffron, lemongrass, ghee

Roasted Sabji - glazed cauliflower, baby carrots & beets


Evening Tea

Rest and Rejuvenate - catnip, lemon balm, licorice




Berry Crisp - whipped cream, basil, rose petal bliss jam



Sunday, August 20th

Daily Teas

Herbal Cooling Chai - black tea, peppermint, cardamom

Oatstraw Infusion

Farm Fresh Herbal Tea


Warm Breakfast

Detox Oatmeal with fresh almond milk and turmeric


Cool Breakfast

Cardamom yogurt, sprouted grains, stewed white peach chutney



Mid-Morning Treat

Roasted Seeds - ghee, sunflower, pumpkin



Paratha - Quinoa flour, ghee, fenugreek

Beluga Lentils - grains of paradise, tomato chutney, cilantro

Saag Paneer - spinach, buttermilk, nutmeg

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