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Girls Grove 


This year we are introducing GIRLS GROVE, a fun sacred space that is all yours from dawn to dusk and into the evening hours.  This space is for girls 8-16 years old.

This is a place to be on your own to create, talk, learn, share, play, and do whatever you want.


There will be books, makeup, hair stuff, art stuff, menstrual gear, herbal potions, tea, blankets, pillows, and music.


Kayla Becker will be available throughout the day and evening to share, answer questions, read stories, and dance to good tunes.


During the gathering, you are welcome to attend any of the wonderful classes at the Fairy Garden Youth Village.  And also you are welcome to attend any adult class that says its for all ages. There are so many great classes this year.  One class only for Girls Grove, is about learning how to find, honor, and care for your uterus with herbs and massage. The class is called, “ Where is my Uterus?”  It’s a fun and really interesting subject based on Rosita Arvigo’s teachings.  How lucky that Rosita will be teaching at Red Earth this year.  Kayla Becker is teaching this class and hopes you will join her. 


At registration, your adult will give permission for you to be on your own, unsupervised at Girls Grove.  Kayla  Becker will be the contact person for support and connection. 

Kayla Becker

Kayla Becker is a psychospiritual bodyworker, Abdominal Therapy practitioner, and educator, and loves teaching preteens and teens about their reproductive bodies and health.  She is the mother of two fantastic adults, married for a long time, and lives in Worcester, Vermont on 18 wild acres.  She is in the process of finalizing her Master’s degree in Somatic Psychology with a thesis titled:  Caring Cultures and Reproductive Health Education in the United States.  

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