Our Monthly Events

Monthly Red Tent

2019-2020 Dates

  • November 26th, Tuesday

  • December 28th, Saturday

  • January 24, Friday

  • February 23, Sunday -  Young girls welcome

  • March 24, Tuesday

  • April 22, Wednesday

  • May 22, Friday

  • June 20, Saturday - Young Girls welcome

  • July 20, Monday

  • August 18, Tuesday - Young Girls welcome

Weekends 4:00

Weekdays 5:30

Important Note:

Every woman must be registered for Red Tent.  If you do not register through Eventbrite, please email us to register.  This way if we have a cancellation, we know who to contact. You may still pay at the door, and you may still come without a donation if there is financial need.  We just want to know who is joining us. Thank you!  

Email us at: 

Address and directions will be sent with your confirmation email.
*Please see new information on entrance fee below.

We look forward to sharing this sacred space with you!

Let's gather together in ceremony to honor ourselves and each other as sacred women of the earth. The potency and simplicity of women gathering together with intention can ground and guide us in a solid way through the ever spiraling journey of life. 

Each month we circle around a theme informed by the natural rhythm of the year. See Facebook event for the monthly theme and location.

Wear something red to connect us all to the lifeblood of women. 

The Red Tent Council has decided:

For the 12/year monthly Red Tents. eight are open only to women (age 14 years and older) and babes in arms. Four will be open also to girls old enough to sit within a ceremonial container. T Boys are not allowed unless they are babes in arms (pre-crawling). It is the responsibility of the mothers to be sure their children are not disruptive of the energy in the Red Tent, and the Red Tent priestess reserves the right to ask the disruptive children to leave (via the care provider).

Bring a potluck dinner dish to share.

With the New Year we are initiating a new policy. This monthly event is a fundraiser for Red Earth Herbal Gathering and now the entrance fee is $20. You can register through Eventbrite or bring cash or check to the gathering. Please contact us if finances are an issue. 

We do not give refunds. If you register but are not able to come your money will go toward the scholarship fund for women who could not otherwise attend Red Earth Herbal Gathering.

We always accept donations to our scholarship fund. You can donate via Paypal any time at redearthherbalgathering@gmail.com.

Full Moon Yoni Steam Circle

2019-2020 Dates

  • November 10

  • December 8

  • January 12

  • March 8

  • April 5

  • May 3

  • June 7

  • July 5

  • August 9

  • September 6


12:00-3:00 p.m.

Join Astrid Grove and Liz Ogletree for a Full Moon Yoni Steam Circle. Enter sacred space, enjoy tea and snacks, steam your yoni on custom made steam boxes with our Red Earth Yoni Steam blend of herbs. This is a monthly event for 2019/2020 and a fundraiser for our 2020 event. We seek to provide 4 full scholarships to women in need this upcoming year.


Please note that once you register there are no refunds are available.

Yoni Steaming is a beautiful, ancient tradition practiced by women of all cultures throughout the world. Beneficial for the female reproductive system, yoni steams have been used by women to mend, repair, heal, revitalize, and soothe the womb for thousands of years. Using the medicinal power of herbs such as yarrow, rose, mugwort, calendula, and basil, among many other combinations, yoni steams can help with menstrual pain and stagnation, postpartum healing, fertility issues, infections and more. Rarely do we as modern women in the US take time for our yonis, but the yoni steam is a special time when you can reconnect to your feminine center, your root, your own sensuality and pleasure, and relax as the herbs and the warm steam do the work.

You will sit on one of our steaming stools over a pot of steaming herbs, naked from the waist down, but covered with a warm blanket to keep the steam trapped and circulating upwards. Astrid and Liz will hold space for you to explore anything that comes up, and lead you through ceremonial practices and sharing to celebrate the full light of the moon, honor the cycle and honoring your most sacred space.

Go to VAGINAL STEAM TENT before registering to learn more about yoni/vaginal steaming, when it's recommended and when it's contraindicated. Please check for contraindications before registering, and let us know if you have any questions.


The Women Have Spoken...


See the Red Tent Council's words on how Red Earth will hold Red Tent now through Spring Equinox 2020:

The monthly Red Tent series will have a 4 times annual gathering that welcomes young girls before menses who are old enough to be within a ceremonial container. All other red tents are for women who have gone through menarche (age 14 or older and able to sit in ceremony). The Red Tent at Red Earth Herbal Gathering’s annual event will be open to girls of all ages UNLESS it is during a WOMAN only (14 and older and able to sit in ceremony) time which will be marked at the entrance and on the schedule. Boys are not allowed unless they are babes in arms (pre-crawling). It is the responsibility of the mothers to be sure their children are not disruptive of the energy in the Red Tent, and the Red Tent priestess reserves the right to ask the disruptive children to leave (via the care provider).

The Red Tents where girls old enough to be in ceremony are welcome:
June 3rd, 2019
August 30th, 2019
September 28th, 2019

*****Please let us know if you have any questions or clarifications. There are many ideas brewing behind the scenes; such as childcare on site of the Red Tent monthly gathering. ****

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