Children 12 and under must have a purchased ticket. Please make sure you register them as well!

Ages 3 and up (must be out of diapers) are welcome to come and play while mom is busy!  


2020 Drop-off hours coming soon!


The children's space is open during daylight hours from 9:30am to Noon, and 1:30pm to 5pm.

(please note hours for drop off above, open hours outside of drop off times are for parent attended play).


Children, let’s be together in our own special Fairy Garden Kid’s Camp  with Megan Moonstone! We will have activities centered around wildcrafting and other arts, fun games and our hand crafted Fairy Garden classes will be returning this year, as well! See below for class listings.


We will provide snacks and tea and mamas will pick up their kiddos and bring them to mealtimes. Please drop off anything with kiddos that will make them feel more comfortable :) Release forms and sign-in forms will be required at drop-off and please be sure that your children are ready for being outdoors! (Sunscreen, rain jacket if needed, hat, etc).  

Just a reminder: Red Earth Herbal Gathering welcomes boys from newborn through the end of their 7th year.

Please be sure to sign the release forms and that your children are ready for the outdoor environment all day. ​​

Download our Welcome letters with valuable practical event information:

Kid's Space Info. 

What To Bring List


Rainbow Lightning

We are happy to announce that Rainbow Lightning will lead the Kids Space this year. We will have more details coming soon!

2019 Kids Program

Check the full Workshop descriptions for schedule and additional kid-friendly sessions. 
Alie Rich

Earth Wand for Children 
For children all ages

Alie Rich of Wild Roots Studio offers soulful nature-based workshops for children to strengthen their connection to nature and wildly explore their creativity. There is something magical in combining nature and art. It returns us to a simplicity, wonder and soulful place where we find deep connection & peace. Nature based crafts are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with kids, promote sustainability, and encourage little ones to discover the enchantment of Mother Nature. From this comes an understanding of how special our environment is and how important it is to take care of it.

Phylleri Ball

Weaving with Plant Dyed Yarn
Middle Girls Age 9-13

We will explore basic weaving concepts, the use of plants to create dye, and how our choices of fabric and clothing impact our world. Finger Weaving, a North American Weaving Tradition, has been used for 1000 years by native people to create braided belts, sashes and bags. Middle Girls will each Finger Weave a bracelet using plant dyed yarn.

Solar Dyeing with Plants

for girls 9 and under


Session 1

We will begin with a discussion of plants used for dyeing wool, followed by a plant walk to see what is growing around us. We will put together jars containing dye plants, wool and water to create Solar Dyed fiber. 


Session 2

The following day we will remove the wool from the solar dye jars to see the color that was produced. Children will receive samples of their plant dyed wool.

Shaela Noella

How to make Nature Flower Essences
1.5 hours, 9 -13 years old

Similar to Flower Essences, Nature Flower Essences are a synergistic blend of elements from nature including flowers, leaves and gems, to heal and transform; simply yet powerfully on vibrational level. Nature flower essences are natural medicine for the emotional, mental and spiritual body. In this class we will learn more about nature flower essences and how to make them.

Laura Clemmons

Kids Herb Class

We will be going on a fun adventure exploring all the wonderful plant friends around us. Let's remember how speak to the trees and plants and listen as they talk back to us! Together we will collect greens for a wild salad and learn the plants that we can eat, all the while keeping our eyes and ears open for fairy sightings. Come let's play.



Amanda Klenner

Fairy Tea Party

Join Amanda for a beautiful event where we will make herbal teas from fresh herbs we harvest our self on the land. We will brew a sun tea, and have a little fairy tea party with tasty herb inspired treats (gluten free, vegetarian), and wear flowers in our hair. 



Bree Steldt

Seed Bombs


Join Amanda to make a muddy mess creating balls of local wildflower seeds, that can be taken into nature, tossed into a field, and grow wild flowers next year, and for years to come! 

Lori Flower

Kids Yoga Class

children under 9

Calling all kids ! Let’s gather together for a yoga journey and become various plants, animals and trees together . We will find our roots and our wings, creating various shapes and imitating things we’ve seen in nature !  

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