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The 7th Annual Red Earth: The Mountain West Women's Herbal Gathering September 15-17th, 2023 at 13 Moons Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado.


We are very excited to offer a unique experience featuring many different spaces and activities, in addition to our workshops. Each one of these spaces has been lovingly curated and will be set up by their caretakers.

Rustic camping and meals are included. There isn't any lodging available on the land.  

Sacred Gateway


Red Tent


Wellness Tent


Youth Village


Tea Lounge


Crone Space

Womb Room


Ancestor Altar



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Girls' Grove


Complimentary Henna



Red Earth: The Mountain West Herbal Gathering Organizers


Astrid Grove

Astrid Grove celebrates life with her husband, her two daughters, her two cats and her many chickens.  Her passion lies in facilitating and supporting women's empowerment through midwifery, hands on healing, plant medicine and sacred ceremony.   She has sat at the feet of many wise women teachers and is now claiming her role as a mentor herself in co-creating The Wise Woman Sisterhood 12 month apprenticeship.   To learn more about Astrid go to and to learn more about the apprenticeship go to

Teacher Organizer

Adrienne Leeds

Adrienne is a midwife & herbalist who has supported women in health and birth for over 20 years. After numerous women told her she had "midwife energy" she heeded the calling. Adrienne has studied birth, women’s health, and bodywork with Wise Womanhood, The Matrona, The Association of Texas Midwives, Ysha Oakes, Ruth Shepard and Dr. Rosita Arvigo. She graduated from the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies' 3-year clinical herbalism program in 2001 and is a married mother of two homebirthed children. When not catching babies or making placenta prints and caps, you can find her in the garden or out hiking & wildcrafting.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Erin Lester

Namaste. I invite you to take a deep breath and feel it move in, through, and out of your body. 


I have been on a journey of reconnecting to the earth and my innate ability to create and heal for the past 20 or so years. I have learned that nature heals, movement is our nature and that moving our body clears our channels, herbs are nature's magic, pregnancy and birth are outer-worldy, meditation and prana connect us to ourselves and truth, and that very little is black and white in life. 


I am learning to fall in love with myself and offer up my gifts. I have been and done many things and lived in many places. Currently, I feel drawn to my work as a birth worker (doula and midwife assistant), a movement teacher (yoga, gymnastics, natural movement), a homeschooling mother to my two dear children (I am inspired by Waldorf methods and nature schooling), and to learning about the healing powers of plants. 


Red Earth and its wonderful community have had a huge influence on me over the past five years. I am honored to be supporting Red Earth as the Sponsorship Coordinator and offering yoga and movement to its attendees.

arwen _edited.jpg
Marketplace Coordinator

Arwen Ek

Arwen Ek is the Founding Director of The Holistic Homestead, a Colorado based nonprofit dedicated to improving health and wellness through education, outreach and advocacy. She is a trained herbalist and homeopath, a runaway Buddhist Nun, freelance writer and mama to two wild boys. Her life passion is dancing naked in fields of stinging nettles. 

Website Administrator

Haley Westmoreland

My name is Haley and I am helping bring Red Earth Herbal
Gathering to life through the website. In my professional
life I work in eCommerce and I co-own Far West Laser, a laser engraving company where we create art, jewelry, and custom projects. My purest expression comes through dance and movement. I like to spend my time gardening, reading, and deepening my understanding of plants.


Tracy Zuschlag

Obsessed with the outdoors, plants, animals, food and natural health. Background includes mother, event organizer, small business owner, Ayurveda Practitioner, LMT, Reiki.


Fiona Nelson

Hi there! My name is Fiona Rose or Fio. I am a Colorado local with a passion for the arts. In addition to photography and digital art, I am also a movement artist. I have been dancing for the majority of my life and have been teaching dance and yoga for multiple years now! I absolutely love working with other creatives and people of all sorts of backgrounds. When I'm not behind the camera you can find me on top of a mountain or in the middle of a rainforest; I love connecting to Mama Earth. I have been deeply inspired to combine my practices of yoga, meditation and dance with my skills as a professional photographer to capture beautiful moments of gatherings like Red Earth.

With a deep understanding of the vulnerability that comes in a retreat space, I come in with the intention to integrate and connect with the group before anything else. From this place of trust, I can then capture all of the special moments that unfold. Women's gatherings are such a special space and I am so inspired to elevate and support you all with beautiful, one of a kind imagery.


Jenna Barnes

Jenna is a intuitive chef, herbalist, active travel guide and the creatrix of Parakalo Provisions. She believes that food is a ritual and  meal is medicine. After working on numerous organic farms, exploring the cuisine of over 20 countries, and digging into wildcrafting , she weaves these supportive plants into the vibrant food she creates. 

Registration Coordinator

Lauren Bear 

Lauren has a background in science, having worked as a pharmaceutical chemist long long ago. After realizing this wasn't the right path, Lauren got busy studying meditation, traditional Thai medicine and traditional Chinese medicine including Feng Shui. Now Lauren focuses on these more holistic approaches to health and happiness.

11.Very very good face closeup with scarf.jpg
Work Exchange Coordinator 

Anna Demetra Badoian

I work as a Holistic Care provider in Houston, Texas specializing in Arvigo®Therapy, Structural Integration, Pregnancy+Postpartum Care.   I have a deep affection for plants and herbs and weave them through much of the work I do as well as most of the products I make.  Continuing to study and learn the wisdom of plants is a passion.  I am a Moondancer of Abuela Malinali's lineage, I sing on the Nanixi Temiki Metzli drum in NY and am a longtime Sundance supporter.  Life is sacred, life is ceremony and I do my best to walk with that integrity.

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