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The Crone Space

The Path of the Crown 


Dear Sisters -- join us in experiencing the Beauty of the Crone, Cronus, Corona, Crown; anointed ones, elders who have earned the position of benevolent Seer, helper, healer, and teacher.  


We are the sisters mothers, elders, and teachers who have walked more years, seen more suns, and observed that which does not serve us, fall away -- to be replaced with  a unified, integrated, internal Sun that is generous, because it IS. 

We have an inner magnetism that comes from committing to love, over and over and over again. 


To building family and community, to creating art from life, and carving out our personal Edens, because this is what we desire fashion from the substance of the world that manifests, ever renewing, around us. 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes urges us to consider that the origin of the word "crone" may be from crown, the circlet denoting power to serve and the wisdom to do so with grace and discernment. 

Or perhaps it is the corona, the aura of light that is emitted by those who have consecrated themselves to the One Life that "shine(s) more brightly when a person is clear, filled with love and justice"? 


We live in a time when it is possible to be vibrant and energetically of Service in the world well into elder years. We can at age 45, 50, 60, 70, undertake a new study of ourselves, the of the Elder Sister, the Crowned One, and re-speak our Truth, bringing ourselves into greater harmony with the Earth and our fellow travelers within our manyleveled intertwined ecosystems of energy and flesh and matter. 


We Crown ourselves -- we open our higher centers to understand not only our Mortality, but that Immortality that our mystic sisters, from Hildegard of Bingen to Emily Dickinson, have revealed to us. 


This is a beautiful and glorious time of life, a time to open those boxes stuffed hurriedly with hopes and dreams and talents, and hidden under beds and in caves of the heart and mind.

To open those letters written and sealed and forgotten when we were in the press and crush of Life's "everything everywhere, all at once" , when life happens so much. Our younger sisters are eager to join with us in this discovery, to create for themselves a new Crowning for the next generation, one that builds on our wisdom and love. 


We keepers of the Red Earth  hope to emerge formal Ceremonies of Crowning, within the cycle of the three Archetypes of the Feminine Journey. We welcome you to grow into this practice with us as it emerges in years to come. 

Mary Lin

Mary Lin, M.Ed., M.F.A., is a Colorado-based interdisciplinary artist, educator, and healer. Her practices weave a passion for study of history and ancient approaches to understanding the Divine, including ancient practices of healing and herbalism, with a sensual presencing in the Now -- a love of cooking, of beautiful fabrics, singing, and handmade things. She lives with her husband and wise grey cat in a rambling arts and healing center surrounded by food forest and herb gardens, located in the historic Old Town of Longmont. Soul Engineering sessions with Mary can be booked through Self-Transformations healing arts practice at

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