Girls' Grove & Friendship Web

Welcome Teen and Tween Girls to your NEW home at Red Earth.

We have a place just for you. Come to The Grove!


The Grove is where everything for older girls (ages 10 and up) happens at Red Earth. 


It’s your place to:

  • Make new friends and laugh with old ones. 

  • Set out on foraging trips for wild plants.

  • Make sun tea, create cool crafts, and do art.

  • Try out divination tools and learn about spells.

  • Play fun games, read, talk 

  • Or just hang out.


This year we will gather virtually in a Sisters Circle and create a ceremony to weave our friendship web and build our community.


Also, look for virtual classes for older girls on this year schedule, including Moontime: Celebrating Your Cycle.

Lorene Wapotich

Lorene Wapotich founded Celebrating Her Rite to help women mentor and celebrate girls as they grow into womanhood. She's an herbalist, wilderness guide, and accomplished educator who has been designing and leading nature-based programs for girls for more than 25 years. She also trains women, especially moms, how to create meaningful and magical Coming of Age ceremonies that help girls develop confidence, courage and grit. She loves to play, tell stories, and sing songs, and is the mom of two teen step-daughters.