If you want to vend at REHG 2019, check out our sponosorship options or apply for a teaching position!  We will be offering marketplace booths for the 2019 gathering to all of our sponsors and teachers. For information on becoming a sponsor for the 2019 gathering visit our Sponsors Page.  

2019 Vendors

Premium Hemp Oil Supplements Made From USDA Certified Organic Colorado Grown Hemp

Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary & Clinic seeks to rekindle the lost art of botanical medicine.

By offering bulk medicinal herbs, medicinal herbal tea blends, essential oils, books, natural body-care items, bulk natural supplies, and more; we seek to empower the community to take charge of their health as well as get back in touch with the natural world.  Also offered are classes on various herbal medicine topics, one-on-one herbal and nutritional consultations, and personalized herbal and aromatherapy creations.

Whether you're looking to simply shop for an all-natural, local, and hand-made gift, are in need of an herbal remedy, or are looking for an in-depth approach to your over-all health and well being, Golden Poppy has something for everyone.

Natural Herbal Living makes organic, handmade herbal remedies using traditional methods of preparation. Soothing salves, savory spices, herbal teas, tinctures, and tonics made with love. 

Fiber Artist, Phylleri Ball, 

produces Hand-Dyed Yarn and Handwoven Goods at THREE SISTERS WEAVING!

rugs, shawls, capes, scarves & bags, Hand-dyed and natural color Yarn, Hand-knit hats & Hand-dyed Silk  & Cotton scarves.


.Integrated Tattoo Healing.
.Urban Totemic Alchemy Aesthetic
.Illustrative and Talisman designs
.Machine and Machine Free/Hand Poke practices
.Private tattoo studio and traveling tattoo experiences.

♥ Write it in ink . Ink it in love ♥

Ofrendas, items placed on altars created for a day of the dead practice of admiring and honoring the experiences of the past.   "It is the admiring of, rather than the being of it, that releases a person.”  Could tattoos be a form of permanent Ofrendas?  Long standing markings on the skin seen as ritual offerings to the past, present, or future, placed on the body that is, in essence, your altar.

Krystal Bell has been helping her guests create personal and one-of-a-kind designs by combining her skills in art and tattoo with concepts of remembrance, ritual and decoration.   She seeks inspiration from her guests' experiences to generate art for their skin that not only tells a story, but also creates a platform for growth in mind and body.  Just as we seek to be healthy through food, exercise, meditation, etc., we should do the same with the markings we put onto our skin.  Touch, let alone permanent markings, can have a major effect on the energetic system and human being.

A focal point in Krystal's study and practice of tattoos is the creation of sigils and symbols.  In certain traditions, sigils were word or affirmation based emblems designed to be symbolic of the creator’s intention and purpose. Krystal has been helping guests create and tattoo personal emblems through the exploration of symbol usage in alchemy, North American and South American symbols and totems, European magic practices, Nordic runic practices, and Tibetan symbolism. In addition to being representations of the guest's intent, these markings go on to be beacons of inspiration. 

'Humans... dripping in beautiful remembrances, medals, and decorations for having lived, truly lived and triumphed.'

-Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Thank you for choosing to collaborate with me on your personalized body art.  It is an honor.

The Holistic Homestead is an amazing membership based and volunteer powered nonprofit dedicated to improving the health and wellness of rural Colorado through education, outreach and advocacy. Join the grassroots health movement for rural Colorado at

Dr. Adhi Two Owls 

Creative artist and designer specializing in provocative explorations into materials, sounds and experiences will be offering her handmade  shakers, rattles and more in the marketplace this year!

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