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Complimentary Henna

By SarahKate Butterworth

SarahKate Butterworth

SarahKate Butterworth has been an artist all her life, though she didn't find her medium of henna until she was just about 30. This desert herb has been used for over 8,000 years by hundreds of cultures from North Africa, Saudi Arabia, India and the surrounding areas. What she loves best about it is that through all these cultures, henna is most often used by women, for women, as a blessing. SarahKate's henna is hand mixed and all natural (henna powder, lemon juice, sugar & eucalyptus oil). Henna tattoos last 1 to 2 weeks. In addition to the art of henna, she is also a professional photographer and she LOVES to capture women looking fabulous in this body art. She has a private studio where women can come and relax as they are pampered. 

 She has been practicing this art for almost 15 years now and loves to create custom designs, often simply doodling on women for hours.


SarahKate has adorned over 700 women for my pregnancy art project and has hennaed many more as part of my other art projects around Breastfeeding and Sacred Feminine.  Check out her work at and read her magazine at (read about Astrid's tandem nursing journey in the magazine).

 She will be offering free small henna designs at Red Earth! These are safe for people 6 years old & older. 

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