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Red Earth Love by Alie Rich

Over the years, I have been blessed enough to attend The Red Earth Gathering with my daughter and cannot express what a heart-opening, sacred event it has been for us! Every mother, daughter, sister and wise & wild woman is bound to find sweet, medicine filled moments at this special gathering.

During the last in-person event, back in 2019, before the strange times we live in now, my daughter (who was 10 at the time) and I attended the gathering.  

There are many soulful & deeply sacred moments found during that last gathering (and the years’ before) but I felt moved to share one moment that stands out. It was a small, yet a monumental moment where I witnessed my daughter tap into the pure bliss, magick and powerful energy created when women gather with purpose and great love.

On the evening of the first night, we were arranging our camp after dinner just as the sun was setting, we heard women begin to sing in the distance and naturally felt moved to seek out the music. Her and I followed the sweet song where we walked upon many women gathering around the fire. We were greeted by many fire-lit faces with welcoming smiles.

We began to sing too. With each song I watched my daughter brighten and saw her soul awaken. She was awe-struck by the song and the energy. At one point, the soulful energy filled her so much that she turned to me and said I think I need to run. I nodded and said…”then go run!”…and so she did. She ran into the dark just outside the fire…with complete wild joy. Dancing and running. She had found the wild women within and it was truly magnificent.

That evening before bed she turned to me and said…” Mama, promise me we will come here every year.” And of course, I agreed and whole-heartedly said yes!  

This moment was so simple, but just displays the medicine, energy and joy that naturally arises when women gathering!

This year, The Red Earth Gathering is on-line. Which might shift things a bit. However, I promise and know in my heart it will still be full magick, sacred gems and beam out the sacred medicine of sisterhood. I am looking forward to it and hoping to see you there!

My Red Earth Gathering Offerings: For the past few years, I have been honored to teach with the amazing herbalists, ceremonialists, artists, healers, songstresses and medicine women of The Red Earth Gathering! This year I am excited to be teaching a Children’s Nature Art Workshop (DIY: Honey-Based Watercolor Paints & Nature Art Journal) and an Earth Art Ritual Workshop for Women where we will craft Herb Hanging Racks and Fall Root Bitters with our Fall harvest. You can learn more about me, my women’s moon circles, nature art workshops and earth art ritual offerings at

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