Astrid Grove

Astrid Grove celebrates life with her husband, her two daughters, her two cats and her many chickens.  Her passion lies in facilitating and supporting women’s empowerment through midwifery, hands on healing, plant medicine and sacred ceremony. To learn more about her offerings, go to

Sarahkate Butterworth

Artist, Photographer &
Media Designer

SarahKate Butterworth has been an artist all her life, though she didn't find her medium of henna until she was just about 30.  SarahKate's henna is hand mixed and all natural (henna powder, lemon juice, sugar & eucalyptus oil), and the tattoos last 1 to 2 weeks. In addition to  body art, she is also a professional photographer and she LOVES to empower women with photography. She has a private studio in Louisville where women can come and relax as they are pampered.

SarahKate is skilled at listening to women's visions and translating them into not just body art but also murals and all kinds of graphics and designs for the web. Check out her work at 
and read her magazine at (read about Astrid's tandem nursing journey in the magazine).

Megan Kibling


In a world where people have become so very disconnected to humanity and nature, where we have lost touch of the ebb and flow the natural world provides us in order to thrive as humans, it is of great importance to the artist of Nutmeg Photography, Megan Kibling to ignite a person’s internal fire through unique imagery. Her photography aims at creating space for allowing transformational growth in ones’ personal beliefs and outlooks through a unique perspective that illuminates subjects and/or ideas in a new light. From a young age, Megan was exposed to travel and observing various cultures which enabled her to dive deeper into the meaning of life. Raising awareness about social injustices and misuse and/or harm to our Earth Mother became Megan’s ultimate life’s work. Her photography presents itself in a aesthetically appealing way, but once the viewer lets go of preconceived notions, the photo holds a much deeper message besides the obvious beauty. Megan was raised in upstate New York near the foothills o the Adirondack Park where she was submerged in natural beauty and wonders. She had a unique upbringing as her father was from New York and her mother from Texas where her family traveled to often and eventually relocated to. Megan and her family moved to Colorado in 2013 and are now living in Arvada.

Adrienne Leeds

Teacher Coordinator

Adrienne Leeds is a mother, daughter, sister, midwife and herbalist. After numerous women told her she had "midwife energy" she heeded the calling. Adrienne has studied birth and women's health with Wise Womanhood, The Matrona, The Association of Texas Midwives' Midwifery Training Program, Ysha Oakes’ Sacred Window, and Dr. Rosita Arvigo. She is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies' 3-year Clinical Herbalism program. Adrienne apprenticed with two homebirth midwives in South Carolina and completed a month-long midwifery internship at a teaching hospital in Cusco, Peru. Embracing a holistic, flexible, client-centered approach, Adrienne feels honored to serve families during the wondrous time of the childbearing year. She is a married mother of two, both born at home in the water.


Arwen Ek

Marketplace Coordinator

Arwen Ek is an herbalist, homeopath, Wilderness EMT, and founder of The Holistic Homestead, a Colorado Nonprofit. She combines her passion for Emergency Medicine with intuitive healing paradigms that encourage improvisation and self-sufficiency. Follow her blog at: 

Daniela Castillo

Website Administrator

Dani Castillo lives in Loveland in a mini farm with her husband Peter, her Daughter Sabine, their cat Sage Guadalupe and Luna the dog. There are also some chickens involved but Toepecker is by far the favorite. Dani loves nature and dabbles in herbalism and other earthly spiritual pursuits. She also happens to be good at technology and visual communication.

Erin Lester

Sponsorship Coordinator

Erin is a mother of a 6-year-old son, a 2-year-old daughter, and a sweet pit bull rescue.  She is a yoga and movement teacher, a small business owner, and a birth doula (although she's currently taking a break from birth work).  Erin finds joy in her family, moving her body, gathering with women, learning, transforming, and empowering others through movement and mindful living. She also enjoys homeschooling her children. At home you'll often find Erin in the kitchen cooking, baking, and making natural remedies for her family and friends. Erin and her family settled into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 2017, following their hearts and a desire to live more closely with nature. 

About The Founders

It was an instantly deep and profound sisterhood between Astrid and Leela nearly 20 years ago.  They first met in the herb garden and they were instantly connected through their love of plants and their commitment to ceremony.  They have sat in sacred circle countless times, attended each others births, and were initiated into their true path  as daughters of the earth by the same mentor, Susun Weed.  Both being new transplants to Colorado, they separately felt called to create a sacred space for women here, and through this desire they came together to create Red Earth Herbal Gathering!  Thank you for being on this journey with us. Blessed Be!

Laurie Love

Marketplace Coordinator

Laurie was inspired at a young age to develop solutions to create a more sustainable planet. She began her journey as a paralegal and social justice activist, but quickly realized her best efforts would be working directly with the land, and teaching others about creating symbiosis with other parts of nature. Her healing journey addressing an autoimmune disease became deeply intertwined in her quest, and she developed a vision to create a garden-centric wellness education center that provides solutions for affordable food, natural medicine, and holistic wellness education for all.


For over a decade, Laurie has intentionally spent her time learning about plants, holding various roles on farms and gardens, attaining a permaculture design certification and master’s degree in agriculture, studying medicinal plants with indigenous tribes in Central America, and completing 1000+ hours of herbalism study. Since 2006, she's also learned and practiced holistic wellness methods for personal healing, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, breathwork, astrology, reiki, and herbal medicine.


Laurie’s mission is teaching others how to heal themselves as a means to heal and give back to the Earth. Her role is to empower and facilitate healing for others on their wellness journeys. She is passionate about connecting her clients and students with plant medicines and holistic health practices that cultivate emotional well-being and nourish the mind, body, and spirit.


Laurie holds an MS in Agriculture and Adult/Extension Education from CSU, and a BA in Political Science from Purdue University. She’s a certified herbalist, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, as well as an astrologer, garden educator, and professional event coordinator. Currently, Laurie is a flower essence practitioner at the Evergreen Clinic, and is pursuing certifications in clinical herbalism and holistic nutrition from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, and alchemical herbalism from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Learn more about Laurie and her offerings at

Karlye Ambrozic

Social Media Marketing Manager

Karlye's journey into Holistic health started with her Bachelors of Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver. There she studied Integrative Health Care and Health Care Management. Her educational blend of Eastern and Western medicine allows a more comprehensive understanding when healing the body, mind and spirit.

With over 5 years of professional experience in the Health field, she has worked and shadowed an array of Physicians, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, and Nurse Practitioners specializing in alternative approaches to women's reproductive health and family planning. In seeing many women being treated for hormonal imbalance, infertility, induction, breach positioning, postpartum depression and anxiety, she knew that women's reproductive health is a beautifully complex and unique journey to each individual. Now, her passion is to support families to achieve their birthing goals with an empowering and supportive touch as a Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Doula.

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