About Red Earth

Red Earth is a women-only space, created by and for women to do the work we must do right now to arrive more fully in alignment with our divine mission in this life.  All women are welcome.  All ages are welcome. All sexual orientations are welcome.  All colors are welcome.  All religions are welcome.  We invite all women called to gather with sacred intention to join us; including female-bodied, female-identified, trans-feminine, and queer women. There is a place for you in this circle.

Over our three-day in-person gathering, there will be many plant workshops taught by internationally acclaimed herbalists.  We will have a children's area, a red tent, a vaginal steam tent,  a marketplace, and musical performances.   We will also have a sacred gateway, a wellness area, and a healing tent.  We create a village for three days where we bask in the joy of being women together on the land in a ceremonial way. 

If you would like to be part of the Red Earth team, contact Astrid Grove at redearthherbalgathering@gmail.com.


Our 2022 Team


Astrid Grove

Founder and Organizer


Adrienne Leeds

Teacher Coordinator



Registration Coordinator


Sarahkate Butterworth

Artist, Photographer, & Designer


Arwen Ek

Marketplace Coordinator


Kaewyn Picard

Work Exchange Coordinator


Erin Lester

Sponsorship Coordinator


Dani Castillo

Website Administrator

We would like to thank Sarahkate Butterworth, Megan Elizondo, Michelle Wilde, and all the other women who have contributed their personal photos to make this website possible.