2020 Teacher & Performer Applications are OPEN!!

Please read through our new online submission form carefully and send us your proposals. This year we have a new system to optimize the process of proposal submissions. So even if you have submitted your bio and photo before, we kindly request you send us new materials following the submission guidelines. If you need any help during the process please email us at info@redearthherbalgathering.com.

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Lorene Wapotich

Lorene Wapotich is the Founder and Director of Feet on the Earth Programs, a non-profit organization in Boulder, CO creating regenerative culture and community by mentoring children into healthy young adults through deep nature connection and community-based rites of passage. Lorene is a dynamic teacher, passionate speaker, and national lecturer and workshop leader on girls coming of age ceremonies and rites of passage. Her first book, a memoir, is soon to be released, and she is currently working on her next book: Her Feet on the Earth, Her Place in the Circle: Creating Nature-Based Rites of Passage for Girls and Women, which guides parents and community members in how to create powerful coming of age ceremonies for girls and adulthood initiations for women. Lorene has 25 years experience as an herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition, an outdoor educator, and a wilderness guide. She holds a Bachelor;s Degree in Wilderness Leadership and Natural History Education and a Masters in Education. Her thesis focused on female development, nature-based mentoring, and rites of passage.

Creating Sacred Rites of Passage for Girls

1.5 hours

The revitalization of rites of passages in our world requires earth based and heart connected communities. To initiate girls into womanhood we need a sacred container of initiated women. Many of us were not gifted these ceremonies as we went through our transitions. The opportunity to reclaim them and carry them forward for future generations is available to us in every moment. Come find out how to begin in with the girls in your life and your community.


Lisa Ganora

Lisa began studying herbs in the Wise Woman Tradition back in 1986 and fell profoundly in love with medicinal plants and natural healing. While studying wildcrafting and medicine-making with traditional herbalists from New England to the Appalachian Mountains for ten years, she began creating herbal products and travelled the festival circuit with an herb booth and as a workshop presenter.

In 1997 Lisa decided to study botany, chemistry, and health sciences at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and graduated with highest honors and several awards. Lisa combines a deep understanding of traditional, Vitalist herbalism with a scientifically-integrated and holistic approach to natural health.

In addition to directing CSCH, Lisa was an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacognosy at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, and has lectured and taught classes at numerous schools and conferences around the U.S. She is the author of Herbal Constituents, the standard textbook of phytochemistry for herbalists. For more information, see Lisa’s CV at HerbalConstituents.com.

Organoleptic Herb Walk: Using the senses to bring out your inner herbalist

Join us in exploring the native and weedy species of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. Merging science, senses, and spirit, this hands-on class is all about cultivating your herbal instincts. Learn about plant constituents, edible and medicinal uses, botany and plant ID, folklore, and more. We will taste, touch, smell, see, and listen with our hearts, minds, and bodies, tuning in with the unique medicine of the plants.

Lactic fermentation and the microbiome: how to make Coconut-milk based yougurt/kefir and lactic-fermented veggies/herbs to support gut health

Probiotics are important for health in so many different ways - not only do they support the health of our digestive system, but they also help with the immune system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, and just about everything else too! Instead of constatnly spending money on expensive probiotic supplements, we can grow them

at home by culturing a variety of organic veggies and making potent Coconut yogurt. We start with human-originated commercial strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, and learn how to start cultures with them that we can use over and over again - breeding billions of organisms in their natural food matrix. Learn about internal and topical use of these cultures to balance the body's microbial gardens.

Ann Drucker w snake.JPG

Ann Drucker

Ann Drucker has taught shamanic and herbal healing traditions for over twenty five years.  She is well known for her joyful, dynamic and experiential teaching style.  Ann has a thriving private practice in Boulder Colorado.  She offers earth-centered healing sessions which include Maya womb massage, herbal steams, plant brushings, soul retrieval ceremonies and shamanic bodywork.  Ann deeply honors the lineage of Miss Beatrice Waight, Maya healer of Santa Familia Belize.


An Introduction to Maya Spiritual Healing with Plants
1.5 Hours 

An Introduction to Maya Spiritual Healing with Plants1.5 Hours 

Come join us for Maya teachings and hands-on experience with plant brushings, spiritual bathing, prayers with plants and more.  Learn how the Maya tradition incorporates plants into everyday healing.

*Please bring a bucket, towel and/or sarong (if you can).

Julia Lyons

Julia Lyons is an Earth-Centered Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, and Folk Herbalist. Her love for plants and the earth shines through all of her work.  Through educating and facilitating for others, it is her hope that you will gain the tools and understanding needed to navigate through life with more ease, grace, comfort, and connection than ever before.

Spiritual Hygene
1.5 hours

Do you ever feel bogged down or drained of your vital energy after partaking in the activities of every day life? Spiritual hygiene provides us with the tools and practices that we need to maintain equilibrium, health, and comfort in the hectic, high paced environment that we live in today. This class will cover techniques used by earth-centered cultures for thousands of years. We will dive into: Plant Brushings; Smudging; Spritzers; Salt Scrubs; Garlic; and guidelines for wild plant harvesting and use. 


Tania Neubauer

Tania Neubauer ND has studied and practiced herbalism since 1994. She completed programs of study with Michael Moore, Karyn Sanders, and the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine. She got her start in the healthcare world at the Berkeley Free Clinic as a community health worker, counselor and medical coordinator. She went on to become a naturopathic physician in her quest to make herbal and natural medicine accessible to all people. After graduation she practiced primary care medicine in a small rural Nicaraguan hospital through a collaboration with Natural Doctors International, a nonprofit that brings natural medicine to global health. Here conventional treatments were mixed with naturopathic treatments including indigenous and North American herbs. Currently she practices primary-care naturopathic medicine at La Clinica de Guadalupe, a community clinic for Spanish-speaking patients in Salem, Oregon, and the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center in Cornelius, Oregon, a community health center. She is on the clinical faculty of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.

Recognizing and Working with Anemia Naturally
1.5 Hours 

Anemia is one of the most common, yet under-recognized, health concerns in clinical practice, and its effects can be far-reaching. Will you recognize it in your practice? When you find it, will you work with it effectively? This course will cover recognizing and assessing anemia in your practice, and approaches to working with herbs and nutrition. With simple herbal teas and tinctures, you can work simultaneously with many systems of the body, healing the anemia from all the contributing angles. Surprising findings by modern clinical herbalists working with traditional herbs for anemia will also be discussed. There will be a brief review of prescription treatments for anemia as well.

Topics to be covered:

  • signs and symptoms of anemia

  • epidemiology of anemia: incidence and risk factors

  • most common types of anemia encountered in practice

  • appropriate history taking, testing and assessment of anemia

  • herbs for anemia - historical/traditional, surprising findings from modern herbal practice, and holistic strategies in working with herbs for many common concerns leading to anemia.


Brigitte Mars

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist and nutritional consultant of Natural Health with almost fifty years of experience. She teaches Herbal Medicine at Naropa University, and School of Health Mastery in Iceland. She has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen, Kripalu, Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Envision, Arise Festivals, and even The Mayo Clinic. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild.

Brigitte is the author of many books and DVDs, including The Natural First Aid Handbook, The Home Reference to Holistic Health and Healing, The Country Almanac of Home Remedies, The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Beauty by Nature, Addiction Free Naturally, The Sexual Herbal, Healing Herbal Teas, Rawsome! and co-author of The HempNut Cookbook. DVDS include Sacred Psychoactives, Herbal Wizardry for Kids of all Ages, Natural Remedies for Childhood Ailments and Natural Remedies for Emotional Health. Her latest project is a phone app called IPlant.

Get Off Your Grass and Create an Edible Lawn

1.5 hours, All levels, Kids welcome

Help create social change and a healthier environment to get more people to eat the weeds.


Laura Cascardi

Laura’s passion for herbalism, healing, and well-being is evident in her 20 + years of working with herbs and people. She began her formal education with herbs at the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical studies where she graduated in 2001 as a certified herbalist. In 2013 she graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Botany. In 2014, Laura co-founded the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies where she is the director and one of the primary teachers. In private consultations she works one on one to discover tools for personal wellness that best serve each person. She focuses on creating a safe space where the individual can explore spiritual, emotional and physical growth.


Laura loves coupling her herbal knowledge with her botanical expertise, and as a long time resident of the Front Range, she is extremely familiar with local flora and often hosts herb walks focusing on edible and medicinal uses of local plants. Furthermore, she often offers more intensive botany workshops and private plant identification consultations to teach others how deepen their knowledge of the plants.

Tree Medicine of the Rockies
1.5 Hours 

Learning the whispers of our ancient trees and how to work with the medicine they offer. 

In this class we will meet and meditate with some local trees, learn to sustainably make medicine with their gifts and discuss some of our more common tree species in reference to their medicine and magic. 

Alie Rich

Alie Rich is the Founder & Lead Nature-Art Guide at Wild Roots Studio where she offers earth art installations and soulful nature-based art workshops that help to strengthen one’s connection to nature and explore our innate wild creativity. Alie is endlessly inspired by the peace, joy, and inspiration that nature stirs in one’s heart. She believes that art rituals are a powerful way to tune into our innate natural rhythms and find a deeper heart-centered connection to ourselves and the wild world around us. She believes that a concern and care for our Mother Earth is typically sparked as children (and adults alike) experience the magic and wonder of nature. Nature based art crafts are a great way to deliver this experience. Creating art with nature reminds us of our innate and deep-rooted connection to our Earth Mother. Learn more about Wild Roots Studio at www.wildrootsstudio.com   

Community Nature Mandala

All levels welcome

Wild Roots Studio would be honored to co-create a Community Nature Mandala with the soulful women of the Red Earth Gathering. The mandala provides a space for women to make wishes and send prayers of love to themselves, others and the Mother Earth. Wild Roots has been lucky enough to build and host Community Nature Mandalas at the Arise Music Festival, Laughing Buck Artisan Festival and many other events.


The center of the mandala would be created the day before the event. We would provide a variety of natural materials and paper to write prayers & wishes on would be available for participants to use to add to the mandala throughout the weekend.

Ancestors Spirit Sticks

Join Alie Rich of Wild Roots Studio in celebrating our Earth Mother and the wild Women who have walked before us in creating Ancestor Spirit Sticks.


In this workshop we will honor our wise women ancestors who have walked before us. We will thank them for passing along the ancient teachings of the plants and hold gratitude for their fierce strength that allowed us to reclaim our wild…..and once again dance under the full moon. In this workshop, women will take part in a guided journey to meet their ancestors to gather strength, vision and offerings. The wisdom gathered from this journey will be used to hand-craft their own Ancestor Spirit Stick that will become a talisman and reminder of our deep roots of the past and the importance of sharing each of our unique gifts with the young women who will walk before us.

Earth Wand for Children 
All Ages Welcome


Alie Rich of Wild Roots Studio offers soulful nature-based workshops for children to strengthen their connection to nature and wildly explore their creativity. There is something magical in combining nature and art. It returns us to a simplicity, wonder and soulful place where we find deep connection & peace. Nature based crafts are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with kids, promote sustainability, and encourage little ones to discover the enchantment of Mother Nature. From this comes an understanding of how special our environment is and how important it is to take care of it.

Lori Roop bio pic.jpg

Lori Roop

Lori Roop is a clinical herbalist, a nutritionist, a craftsperson of artisan body products, a chronic illness survivor, and a wife and mom to two incredible kiddos. Lori is a self-described “foodie” and nature lover who is passionate about igniting the vitality that resides in all of us. She knows that creating a baseline of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the best foundation anyone can build.


Lori graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology in 1998, after which she moved to Denver, where she attended a three-year, herbal studies program at The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder, CO.


After graduation in 2003, Lori saw clients for a couple of years before starting her own family. She also started her own business—a line of all-natural, herbal bath and body products called Vital Roots Herbal Care (vitalrootsherbs.etsy.com), which is still going strong today.


Lori sees clients from all over the world remotely, via Skype, facetime and phone, info at LoriRoop.com. She has taught classes all around Denver for the past 15 years, enjoys writing herbal and nutrition centric articles, and loves sharing vital information with people that can inspire health and joy in their lives.


Diet and lifestyle changes are the pillars of vibrant health. The modern lifestyle is rife with nutritional deficiencies. Rectifying those deficiencies and reducing inflammation by discovering food sensitivities often changes lives on the spot. Lori recommends “real food” and traditional food preparation, and she knows lots of tricks to make sure these changes can easily fit into your busy, 21st-century lifestyle.


Herbs are nature’s cure for so many common afflictions. Lori practices Vitalism, which is a sacred belief that all things are connected and affect each other. She also believes the body has the ancient wisdom and ability to heal itself, if given the right tools. Lori’s goal is to help you find the root cause of your issues, create resilience, figure out what is most important in your life, and use the best possible tools to help  you live a wonderful life. Find Lori at https://www.instagram.com/loriroop/, https://twitter.com/VitalRootsHerbs, and sign up for her newsletter here: https://loriroop.com/newsletter/.   

Herbs and Mindfulness for Sleep
1.5 Hours 

A surefire way to disrupt feeling grounded is a lack of sleep. Unfortunately, many Americans are so caught up in our fast-paced American lifestyles they may not even realize they are not getting enough sleep (sleep debt). Many other Americans are very aware they aren’t getting enough sleep and suffer the effects of insomnia.


This class helps you understand and address sleep debt, and then provides information, herbs and biohacking techniques for insomnia including Materia Medica on herbs for sleep, nutrition therapy, supplements and more, so you can customize your own insomnia protocol! We'll follow a formula to blend a tea blend to try at the end.


Join Lori Roop, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist with 15 years experience, to rest and sleep better and longer!

Adrienne Leeds

Adrienne Leeds is a mother, daughter, sister, midwife and herbalist. After numerous women told her she had "midwife energy" she heeded the calling. Adrienne has studied birth and women's health with Wise Womanhood, The Matrona, The Association of Texas Midwives' Midwifery Training Program, Ysha Oakes’ Sacred Window, and Dr. Rosita Arvigo. She is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies' 3-year Clinical Herbalism program. Adrienne apprenticed with two homebirth midwives in South Carolina and completed a month-long midwifery internship at a teaching hospital in Cusco, Peru. Embracing a holistic, flexible, client-centered approach, Adrienne feels honored to serve families during the wondrous time of the childbearing year. She is a married mother of two, both born at home in the water.

Wise Woman Fertility

Tune into your body for pregnancy achievement ~or~ avoidance. We will discuss how to track your cycles, causes of infertility, and natural ways to enhance fertility with real food and nourishing and toning herbs. The sacred circle of reGeneration invites you to claim your reproductive power!

phyll photo.jpg

Phylleri Ball

Phylleri Ball’s love of herbs began in 1979, studying with Rosemary Gladstar at the California School of Herbal Studies. She is a Fiber Artist, gardener, musician, cheese maker and raises Nubian goats. For 17 years she raised 100 head of Angora Goats and Border Leicester sheep, processed and dyed their fleeces at Steam Valley Fiber Farm in Pennsylvania. At her Fiber Arts Studio in Nederland, her focus is weaving and dyeing, with natural dyes being her favorite way to create color.

Plant Dye Herb Walk
1.5 Hours, All Levels, Kids ok

Come for an Herb Walk focused on the abundant dye plants at your feet. Learn to identify native dye plants, the colors that they produce, how to respectfully harvest and prepare them for dyeing. Connecting to the growth cycles and seasonal availability of dye plants, is another way to walk in harmony on the Earth Mother.

Weaving with Plant Dyed Yarn
Middle Girls Age 9-13

We will explore basic weaving concepts, the use of plants to create dye, and how our choices of fabric and clothing impact our world. Finger Weaving, a North American Weaving Tradition, has been used for 1000 years by native people to create braided belts, sashes and bags. Middle Girls will each Finger Weave a bracelet using plant dyed yarn.

Solar Dyeing with Plants

for girls 9 and under


Session 1

We will begin with a discussion of plants used for dyeing wool, followed by a plant walk to see what is growing around us. We will put together jars containing dye plants, wool and water to create Solar Dyed fiber. 


Session 2

The following day we will remove the wool from the solar dye jars to see the color that was produced. Children will receive samples of their plant dyed wool.

Terra Rafael

Terra Rafael teaches and directs the WiseWomanhood Online School - teachings to support you - mind, body, and soul. Her classes there include, ‘Enhancing the Childbearing Year with Ayurveda’ and ‘Optimal Menstrual Health with Ayurveda’, among many others.


A lifelong student of women’s health, she studied Ayurveda with Sarasvati Buhrman, and Alakananda Ma, practicing Ayurveda for 15 years. Terra’s a Maya Abdominal Therapist after apprenticing with Miss Beatrice Waight and certifying with Rosita Arvigo. A Reiki Practitioner for decades, she practiced homebirth midwifery in Colorado for about 20 years, now retired.

Terra began serving women over 30 years ago and wishes to share the knowledge she’s gained through teaching and writing. She’s taught women’s health at several Ayurveda schools as well as WiseWomanhood School. Her books include Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years, Giving Birth to Ourselves-contemplations for birth workers, Journey to the Great Midwife-remembering the HeArt of Birth and several poetry books, all available on amazon. www.wisewomanhood.com

Surfing the Menopausal Change with Ayurveda 
1.5 hours

Menopausal Change is mysterious, yet familiar; physical yet spiritual. Learn how you know it already from your blood cycles; effects; and how to support the Change naturally - body mind, and soul  

JessAyaPeru2017 copy.jpg

Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker, LAc, RH (AHG) is an author, acupuncturist, herbalist, aromatherapist and educator. Her passion for all plants is reflected in her formulations, private practice and classes on aromatherapy, herbalism, and Chinese medicine. As a continuing education provider, she teaches at several herbal symposia and conferences throughout the United States. Jessica is on the faculty of the Holistic Cannabis Academy and teaches The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. Having many years experience as a clinician, Jessica is a master formulator, understanding the importance of plant synergy and energetics.

Jessica has completed her first book, Plant Songs: Reflections on Herbal Medicine, through Balboa Press. Her Baker Botanica 5 Element essential oil blends are now available.

Understanding Herbal Energetics
1.5 Hours, Intermediate to Advanced levels

We will explore the herbal energetics from both a Vitalist and Chinese medicine perspective. If you're curious how herbs are categorized as cold, hot, dry or damp, then this class is for you! We will focus on the importance of energetics when building a balanced and effective formula. This class will increase your ability to discern patterns of imbalance in the body and give you more confidence when working with clients. We will drink tea and taste elixirs.

Shaela Noella

Shaela Noella loves to commune with nature and create flower essences, play music and unite people. She is founder of Sister Winds Festival and band leader of Las Curanderas. Her nature flower essence company is called Roselena Alchemy, where she formulates many essences and creates custom blends for individual needs. Spirit Communications and Oracle readings are another offering she shares with the world. Red Earth Gathering has a special place in heart, as she has returned every year.  

How to make Nature Flower Essences
1.5 hours, 9 -13 years old

Similar to Flower Essences, Nature Flower Essences are a synergistic blend of elements from nature including flowers, leaves and gems, to heal and transform; simply yet powerfully on vibrational level. Nature flower essences are natural medicine for the emotional, mental and spiritual body. In this class we will learn more about nature flower essences and how to make them.


Amanda Klenner

Amanda is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Health Coach located in Westminster, CO. She is also a mother, wife, and avid dog lover (cats are ok too). She has a passion for teaching people about the beautiful herbal medicines we can work with to maintain health, wellness, and joy. She is the publisher of Natural Herbal Living Magazine, works with people clinically to help them reach their health goals, and makes a line of organic, handmade herbal products.

Medicine Making 101 - Making Fresh Plant Tinctures, Glycerine and Vinegar Extracts 
($25 materials fee)

1.5 Hours, Part 1 of 3 hour-intensive

Join Amanda on a journey to discovery, and learn how to make your own fresh plant tinctures, glycerites, and vinegar extracts. Making our own extracts helps us to ensure that the plants we are using are ethically grown, harvested, and prepared in a way that is respectful to the plants, and potent medicine. In this workshop, we will prepare fresh plant medicines with local abundant herbs growing locally in the Denver metro area (from Amanda’s garden). We will discuss the ideal preparation of these herbs, and how to utilize them in your home. At the end of this workshop, you will go home with a tincture, glycerite, and vinegar infusion of your own making.

Medicine Making 102 - Making Herb Oil Infusions Using Fresh and Dry Herbs
($30 materials fee)

1.5 Hours, Part 2 of 3 hour-intensive

Join Amanda on a journey to discover and learn how to make your own herb oil extracts using both fresh and dry herbs! During this workshop, you will be making herb-oil infusions from both fresh and dry herbs. We will discuss the best methods of oil infusions depending on the constituents of the herb, common hiccoughs that happen along the way, and what herbs are best infused fresh v. dry. We will also briefly discuss a few different types of oils to use as an infusion, and their healing properties. You will go home with a fresh and dry oil infusion of your own making, and the instructions about how to turn those oil infusions into medicinal salves.  


Fairy Tea Party

For all Kids

Join Amanda for a beautiful event where we will make herbal teas from fresh herbs we harvest our self on the land. We will brew a sun tea, and have a little fairy tea party with tasty herb inspired treats (gluten free, vegetarian), and wear flowers in our hair. 

Liz Morris

Liz is inspired to bring more connection to people through the body. She has formal training in Dance, is a 500 hour yoga teacher and a Tantra educator. She is apprentice faculty with the International School of Temple Arts. She brings a background in yoga, dance and shamanic sexuality to go to the depths and connect more fully with mama earth.

Pelvic Awakening: Embracing our Womb Power
3 hour intensive (two 1.5 hour classes), All Levels, Not for children

In this class, we will connect with the power that lies in our pelvis/ womb space. First moving the body and learning some tools of emotional release in order to clear stuck energy. After opening the body, I’ll introduce a meditation to bring more of a conscious connection into the womb/ sacral center. We will then Circle and allow each woman an opportunity to share from her power and truth.


This class includes:

  • Dancing and emotional release to clear blocked energy

  • Yoga asanas and pelvic work to create a more conscious connection to our root

  • Shamanic Journey/ guided meditation to explore our internal and energetic womb

IMG_6515 (1).jpg

Lori Flower

Lori is the founder of Karmic Connection Yoga, leading Yoga classes, workshops and retreats since 2000 in VT, NY and Colorado. Flower specializes in Acro Yoga, Partner Yoga and Thai Massage. She is a certified herbalist through Rosemary Gladstar in 2006 and created a natural skin care line while her (now 10 year old) daughter Aura was a baby. Lori aspires to inspire and wake up creativity, delight and trust within each other. IG: breathingislife  

Love, Light and Flight!
1.5 Hours

Try out a beginner friendly Acro Yoga playshop that teaches you the FUNdamentals of weight sharing, counterbalance, basing, flying and spotting. Combine the mindfulness of breathing in yoga with playful inner child. Build strength, flexibility, balance and trust. No partner is necessary since we often work in groups of three or more for safety and support.


Morning Yoga

Wake up your body and mind while activating  your senses! We will center, ground, meditate and breathe- gradually spiraling into luxurious stretches and movements that remind us of our love for embodiment!

Kids Yoga Class

For children under 9

Calling all kids ! Let’s gather together for a yoga journey and become various plants, animals and trees together . We will find our roots and our wings, creating various shapes and imitating things we’ve seen in nature !  

Rachael Carlevale

Honoring plant spirit medicine as founder of Ganjasana: Cannabis Yoga Ceremonies and School, Rachael is a curandera healer, teacher, and activist farmer based in Colorado. She is a conduit for awakening messages from the natural world, a “steward of the medicine,” and roots her practices in the ethics of permaculture - earth care, people care, fair share. She believes in holding space for practitioners to cultivate and deepen safe, harmonious plant medicine relationships for transformation and healing. She aims to raise awareness of indigenous wisdom to unite holistically and regenerate body, mind and soil. Rachael embodies her work in the mountains where she mindfully grows regenerative living organic cannabis, dogs, worms, and soil; and offers healing retreats, courses, and yoga teacher trainings.

The ‘Green Tent’ Women’s Cannabis Circle
1.5 hour session.  All Levels, Not for children

The Green Tent is a safe, sacred space to celebrate the divine feminine with ancient traditions that honor the cannabis plant spirit. Return to your roots and discover how to apply ancient tools to help us refine our skills in becoming attentive to observing patterns, cycles and concepts occurring in the natural world and learn how our bodies can be a metaphor for what is happening around us. Learn how cannabis and yoga can assist in creating balance in each stage of your life transitions including menstruation cycles, menopause, peri and post menopause as well as female health and sexuality. Specially tailored yoga sequences, pranayama/meditation techniques and plant medicine invite us to understand and find harmony in each phase of the female cycle. Practice sacred poses to relieve stress, PMS, menstrual cramps, headaches and fatigue. Step into your power and receive support, nurturing, and encouragement from your community of sisters to live harmoniously with the rhythms of nature.


Morning Yoga
Ganjasana: Plant Spirit Yoga - A transformative experience honoring the wisdom of the natural world.  Deepen alignment of body, mind and spirit with the master cannabis plant through the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Learn tools to build relationships with plant medicine rooted in the ancient shamanic lineages. Yoga is for ALL levels!


Adhi Two Owls

Dr. Adhi Moonien Two Owls is a trained Shaman and healer. Her formal background is in fine art. Her area of study was painting, sculpture and eventually moving into Mixed Media. Dr. Adhi studied at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City Missouri.


Adhi received her Doctorate in Philosophy & Therapeutic Counseling From the Open University of Alternative Healing Sri Lanka in 2013 through their affiliate campus in Montreal Canada.


Other areas of study include the earth and natural sciences, Physics and Astronomy. Esoteric studies include: Tibetan Buddhism and its related meditation practices, Western Spiritual practices and the causes of Magick and Alchemy, Qi Gong and meditation and Chinese medicine, Plant Spirit medicine, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Biogeometry, Radiesthesia (vibrational dowsing), Medical Radiesthesia, and Map Dowsing for water and minerals. Dr. Adhi has spent the last 25 years studying the design, function and uses of Sacred objects as they are found all over the world. She uses these ancient sciences and designs to develop contemporary objects that meet the needs of today’s community and energy challenges.  www.thenewglobalshaman.com

Sacred Shaker Making workshop
($40 materials fee)

3 hour-intensive

In this workshop participants will get to create either leather and cloth shaker with bells, beads, shells, etc... this is a very ancient form of sound instrument... It is an instrument of many voices from shaking leaves, rattling shells, bells, the wind, the sounds of rain or water... Each participant will journey through the process of discovering what sound(s) resonate in them and build their shaker based on this exploration of sounds.


The creative process grounds us into our minds, bodies and spirit. To create is a divine process where we open up to what is possible... problem solving, imaging, and building from an idea. We bring into the world that which starts as a dream...


This is a fully self contained workshop all materials will be provided for you to braid and weave together your own sacred shaker.

Adhi will share many teachings around this kind of shaker how it is used and where the design comes from.


Bring a scissors, notebook, ground cloth to work on

Two-Day Sacred Drum Making Pree-Conferenece Workshop Sept. 11-12 9:00-5:00
($250 Materials Fee)

Learn More and Register

Laura Clemmons

Laura Elvira Clemmons is a certified herbalist and graduate of the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies. She studied under Dr. Gu Ding in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shen Nong Center in Philadelphia, PA, and Mayan Traditional Healing Practices and Uterine Care with Ms. Beatrice Waight, Belize and Ann Drucker in Boulder, Colorado. She held an apprenticeship with Linda White Dove in herbal medicine; an apprenticeship with Claudia Rosewolf in traditional North American indigenous healing practices; and studied Journeying with Chris Davidson: Ancientways Shamanic Training in Nederland, CO and an apprenticeship with Pei Fen Yan in Chinese Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Laura believes that all medical modalities are life-long learning processes and that the more education one has increases the tools in one’s tool box.


Laura comes from a lineage of Italian healers, sometimes the women were called strega (witch) and strives to maintain her ties to that tradition in her practice. She named her business, Strega Gardens, after that lineage as a way in which to honor and embody the work of her ancestors and the women that came before us.

Becoming A Kitchen Witch
1.5 hrs. Beginners

This is a basic and simple Beginner’s class learning about our beloved kitchen and pot herbs for use in food and medicines. I will share some secret family recipes and formulas from my mother’s own Italian kitchen. We will be wildly exploring the traditional tastes that create balanced flavor in cooking whether it be for ourselves or our families. Let’s make each dish taste like heaven and be the medicine we need for the day, such as a soup to build the blood and bones or a salad that feeds and nourishes the liver. Becoming the Kitchen Witch discussing how the women in many families are the healers and what secrets they use to keep their families healthy. I will give my secrets on what I put into the food I make for my family every day. The simple plants we love become our strongest allies in our daily life, I will give ideas how can we incorporate our plants without making a big meal. What if you don’t cook? Don’t worry I will address that too. We will make a few simple recipes and taste some of the simple teas. This class is experiential and hands on.


Kids Herb Class

We will be going on a fun adventure exploring all the wonderful plant friends around us. Let's remember how speak to the trees and plants and listen as they talk back to us! Together we will collect greens for a wild salad and learn the plants that we can eat, all the while keeping our eyes and ears open for fairy sightings. Come let's play.

Shaela Noella & Ariana Saraha

Shaela Noella loves to commune with nature, create flower essences, play music, and unite people. She is the founder of Sister Winds Festival, bandleader of Las Curanderas, and has a nature flower essence company called Roselena Alchemy. Shaela also offers Spirit Communications and Oracle Readings. Through the weekend she will be offering readings alongside her custom blends, mists, oils and nature flower essences. Red Earth Gathering has a special place in her heart, and she has returned every year.


Ariana Saraha is a longtime singer and song-keeper. She has studied musics as varied as Mideast song and percussion, Classical Indian raga, and Peruvian icaros, and has for 20 years led womensong circles and facilitated vocal improvisation groups. She can also be found performing around the world, all the while wildcrafting and making friends with birds along her way... 

Music Making around the Fire
Friday 09/13/2019

Shaela Noella and Ariana Saraha, sisters of song, will warm our voices with an evening of singalongs around the fire. We’ll learn new songs, harmonies, and rhythms, and explore a variety of vocal improvisations. Feel free to bring gentle drums and rattles, and maybe even a song to share later on in the eve...



BethyLoveLight is a Conscious Hip Hop artist who offers Anthems for Avatars including songs like 'HEMP HOLY HEMP', 'NETTLE MEDICINE' and 'STRONGER TOGETHER'.  Her mission is to help awaken and inspire the Peaceful Warriors of Planet Earth to journey forth and continue creating a kind, sustainable and evolutive world. You can find this Avatar on SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Jango Radio, and at www.bethylovelight.com  and  www.bethylovelightmusic.com

Performance - Saturday 09/14/19

During the sacred fire on Saturday night, BethyLoveLight will be offering an unplugged version of her Conscious Musical Poetry (Muzoetry!).


Las Curanderas

Las Curanderas bridges cultures thru world folk heart songs. With Shaela Noella on lead vocals and guitar, Chloe Brooke on harmonies and cello, Beth Dove singing harmonies, Jax Lavender playing the wash board, Bethylovelight on cajón and everyone singing along.  These ladies believe in the healing power of music.  Currently Shaela Noella is working on the Curanderas Project to bring music, natural medicines and healings (limpias) down to the border of Mexico for those in need.

Performance - Saturday 09/14/19

It will be amazing!

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